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Half And Half Dress Style Is The New Trend Today, So Start Following!

by Fashionlady
half and half dresses fashion

Half dressing is the newest trend that has come into the limelight and needless to say- it left us with split wide opinions. This new and quirky style of dressing is a new way of donning garments that have literally been split in half, and as the name itself suggests, people are often in two minds about the whole design.

half and half dresses

Source: vogue.com

On one side, it is a rather bold, fresh, and expressive way of dressing up, but then again for some people it is rather too much.

If you have been obsessively following the trend, you may have seen this in the last SS17 catwalk trends. The runway was filled with half-and-half dresses.

Two Accepted Definitions Of Half And Half Dress:

There are basically two accepted definitions of half and half dresses. One definition is splitting the garment in half and sewing it onto another. And the second is, cutting an item in half, and wearing it that way.

Though we will not recommend that you cut off half of your garment to get this style right, we do appreciate those willing to take a style risk and wear halves of all their favorite garments instead.

Celebrities In Half And Half Trend:

A number of celebrities have championed the trend, giving our summer clothing a revamp through reconstruction. Not only are the celeb style strikingly cool, but it also gives out a lazy feel including a luxe score.

International fashion designers like Diane von Fürstenberg, Simone Rocha, and Loewe have a bold approach to the style with their use of flattering colors and prints.

Designers are not the only ones experimenting with this new dressing style. The unconventional look has been channeled onto the red carpet by Kate Bosworth and Emma Stone. Both of the actresses were seen wearing half and half get-ups on different occasions.

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth wore a ruffled floral dress with a black bust detailing on one side. The 34 year old actress turned heads at the InStyle’s EE Rising Star Party for all the right reasons. Her raunchy outfit by Italian designer Giambattista Valli was a unique cut and very much a part of the growing trend to make demure dresses look more provocative.

Emma Stone

Award winning actress Emma Stone led the way at the Screen Actors Guild Awards with her risqué Alexander McQueen ensemble featuring a lace bodice. While the black silk gown which had floral pattern embroidery may have looked unfinished, it had careful detailing of a slashed effect.

Emma Stone half and half dress

Source: express.co.uk

Ryan Destiny

Singer and actor Ryan Destiny wore jeans but well- not really the normal way. We are talking about an entire slashed leg on one side. While we allow letting that sink in for a moment, take a look at the image below.

Ryan Destiny half and half dress

Source: menshealth.com


Singer Rihanna has been donning the half and half fashion for years. Look back at the time she wore half-dress shirt over another shirt.

Rihanna half and half dress

Source: vogue.com

RiRi took the half and half to another level by quarter dressing- slicing half of each trouser leg at Coachella.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway unleashed a new life to a second hand Stella McCartney asymmetrical, partially printed skirt to complete her outfit. She wore it a vintage Yves Saint Laurent pussy bow blouse.

Anne Hathaway half and half dress fashion

Source: hawtcelebs.com

Katy Perry

Way back in 2008, Katy Perry had already experimented with half and half dress. Her strange outfit was a half-tuxedo and a half-bubble dress paired with converse. We pass on the judgment to you.

Katy Perry half and half dress fashion

Source: scribol.com

Gabrielle Union

The 44 year old actress turned up at a Vanity Fair’s Oscars Party in Los Angeles wearing a half-bikini and half-gown black and blue dress by Jean Paul Gaultier. Her bold dress was a risqué but undeniably a stunner.

Gabrielle Union half and half dress fashion

Source: justjared.com

Simone Rocha SS17 Collection

Fashion is a lot of things inspired- it can be fun, poetical, theatrical, historical, political, and provocative. There is no stopping. Most times, it is all about embodying beauty in all creations. Likewise Internationally acclaimed designer Simone Rocha’s SS17 runway show was full of theatrical adventure. Staged at Southwark Cathedral, the show had models walking down the runway clad in layers of lace, pearls, and crystals.

Simone Rocha SS17 collections had a historical romantic Victorian and Edwardian feel to it. The collection is not a typical show of modern silhouettes’. The Spring collection showcased lacy, sheer, and gauzy speaking to both outer and inner layers of restrictive dressing starting from 20th century time periods.

Staying true to her romantic streak, Simone displayed broderie anglaise and cotton poplin, sheer organza and tulle embroidered with flowers including check and gingham. Incidentally, the liturgical inspiration is relevant with the trends today.

Their series of floral red and maroon dresses had a modern feel to it-as in 1930s. And all of this series was paired with white, black, and red wellies. Their all-black layered over white brought in more depth. The ruffled sheer dresses paired with white shirt dress over ruffled collars were another highlight.

The final show included sheer dresses tucked unevenly with rough-hewn floral appliqué detailing.

But the most interesting look on the runway was the half and half costume ideas which consisted of half-trench and half-tulle dress looks. The collection is feminine, ethereal, and romantic.

half and half costume ideas

Source: elle.com

Since the newest trend of half and half dressing is quirky, donning this style can literally put you in the limelight. This bold, fresh, and expressive way of dressing up is being followed rather obsessively.

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