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Handbag Essentials – Stock It, Dump It and Stash it!

by Fashionlady

Handbag Essentials

Every woman loves carrying her important stuff or essentials in her handbag. One may call it essentials, while others think them as unnecessary. But it’s always best to carry a few things around, as you never know when you might just need them. Am I right ladies?
You may be the organized type or the messy type, but we all can relate to this topic of dumping our necessities all into our bags.

Well there are some days when you have to just rush and grab everything that’s on the table. This article will help you gather your thoughts as to what essentials you must make a point to carry in your handbag whenever you are stepping out of the house.

There are some items which we possibly can’t live without in our day to day life. And there are some items which you need to carry no matter where you are going. This article will help you reach out to both the ideas. Here is how.

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1. Lip Balm

Your lips can feel dry anytime. So, keep a chap stick or a lip balm handy wherever you go. Dry and cracked lips tend to bleed making it difficult to talk and smile. Hence using a lip balm will not only make your lips feel soft and supple, but will look also compliment the makeup you are wearing.

These are not only available in different fragrances like passion fruit, strawberry, cherry blossom, etc., but also come in either natural shades or in color tints. You can buy the one closest to your lip shade or a shade darker which can work two-in-one; lipstick and lip balm.
Make sure you keep your lips moisturized at all times.

Lip Balm

Source: spoiledpretty.com

2. Hair Brush and Mirror

These two articles need to definitely find a place in your handbag. At times, you may be in a rush or can have your hair all over your face during the bus ride to work. That’s when this handy mirror and hairbrush or a comb will come to your rescue. Brush your hair in the parking lot, just before you enter your clients’ office to look much corporate and dignified or just at your desk before you rush in for a board room meeting. These help in giving final touches to your overall look.

Hair Brush and Mirror

Source: pinimg.com

3. Hand Sanitizers

Health scares are for real and we need to be hygienic at all times. We all don’t enjoy being sick but we are pretty careless with our living standard. We are exposed to so many unhealthy things directly or indirectly every day. So it is better to have a hand sanitizer ready and use it before as well as after meals. Use it whenever you come in contact with unknown people as well and also after using the loo. As flu and cold virus and germs spread easily, we all must be alert and educated on such issues. And as monsoons are here, and viral sick rates get high with this season, you better keep one ready.

Hand Sanitizers

Source: pinterest.com

4. Pepper Spray

We cannot completely rely on safety measures meted out to us. We should be on our guard daily owing to the number of crimes occurring every now and then. A pepper spray in your handbag will help you out in any dark situations anytime you are cornered or you face trouble. Keeping a pepper spray ready will also allow you to walk out more confidently. The above picture of a pepper spray in the shape of a lipstick case is perfect for every woman out there.
Pepper Spray

5. Vaseline

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline as it is better known helps us to combat with so many skin issues. Now the Vaseline like I said helps us to soften our lips, hands and the cracked feet. Use it to get soft and supple skin. Plus if you get any small cuts or burns here and there, you can quickly use the Vaseline to prevent it from scarring. So keeping a petroleum jelly well guarded in your bag will serve you its purpose.

If you are wearing new shoes to work, and have just started noticing blisters, then immediately take some Vaseline and apply it around the blister and in the shoe and your good to go!

This sure is a multi-purpose product and must be carried everywhere.


Source: pinimg.com

6. Mobile Phones and Tablets

Definitely no one leaves their home without a mobile phone in this fast paced tech world. As we do multi-tasking over our phones and tablets, like making a list of grocery item to be picked, or important reminders being fed on the phones, these important accessories must not be left behind, be it for work or just for entertainment purposes.

Hair accessories

Source: inluxure.com

8. Perfume

Keeping a small bottle of perfume in your bag will keep you smelling fresh every moment. Squirt your perfume on a light dose whenever you feel sweated up. A smart woman makes sure that she smells pleasant as much as she is all immaculately dressed.


Source: makeupandbeautyblog.com

9.House Keys

Leaving home with your house keys is a must. Locking yourself out is a big turmoil. So to avoid all such issues always carry your house keys. Even if you are not staying alone, and staying with your friends or with your family, you ought to be responsible enough to own extra set of house keys.

House Keys

Source: pinimg.com

10. Make up kit

A makeup kit should be every girl’s must-have. Include all your basic items like your lip gloss or lipstick, compact powders, your nail enamels and your eye liners. You never know when opportunity strikes to be in a presentable situation. So be always ready to face the world with all the beauty secrets. Supposing if your nail polish starts chipping, you can quickly re apply it again. You can use your loose powder or your compact as a final touchup and also reapply it from time to time again and again. And of course your lip gloss is also very important for all that shine and also for moisturizing your lips. Many lipsticks nowadays come with natural lip therapy. So you rely on those. A make up kit should definitely be your best friend.
Make up kit

11. Sunglasses

Sun glares or sunglasses are the best way to protect oneself from direct glares from the sun. We all know that. Besides that, sunglasses definitely work up our image. Everyone does end up looking hi-fashion and glamorous with the right pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses should be in your handbag at all times. It definitely serves you with so many varied purposes. It protects you from all the dirt getting to your eyes too.



12. Scarves

Having a scarf in your bag is a smart thing to do. Scarves serves its purpose in so many ways that you can possibly imagine. You can use it to cover your head when you are riding a bike or travelling, or use it to cover your neck when the weather starts getting unfriendly. Putting a scarf around your neck or your head also makes you look better. It is an accessory that you should never let go whenever you are going out.
These are some of the essential items that need to be in your handbag daily. Stock it, dump it, and stash it, do anything but don’t leave home without these items.

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