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Top 11 Must-Haves for Right Gothic Makeup Essentials

by Fashionlady
Gothic Makeup Essentials

Right Gothic Makeup

Hello darkness my dear friend, we meet up to doll up again!

Gothic makeup needn’t be creepy always, and having said that, you can throw in a lot of fun to enhance the mystical look. However, choosing the right products is what forms the basis of the intense mysterious dark gothic look. You either have them in your vanity case or you do not, but you cannot fluff out any product to bring on that sensual dark desire on your face. Here are eight must haves to own, essentials that would bring out the dark-matte (shimmer to an extent) to last you all night, while the owl hoots and the dark souls dance to the music of the moonlit night!

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Essential for gothic makeu

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1. Variations are the norm for the theme

With dark gothic makeup, you can get creative and innovative or go extremes with the look. There are no limits and no boundaries as such to follow. Ever since the advent of the sub-culture post the flower power seventies, gothic makeup stood the test of time and has thrived across the globe!

Gothic makeup

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From Moriticia Addams (Addams Family) to the famous Elizabeth Taylor (Liz), the dramatic and very theatrical saga of gothic makeup has rubbished away the fear-factor and brought in a touch of glamour in this day and age!

Although paleness is still the preferred way to go gothic, one can even use shimmering eyeshadow and glossy lips stains to bring in a cute-corpse-turned-doll effect.

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Goth makeup for women

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2. Mistakes to avoid

While dolling up in gothic makeup with the right essentials is the key to looking chic and cool, mysterious and a little waywardly creepy too, here are a few mistakes first timers make which you should avoid.

Applying makeup all over the face and in one stroke should be avoided. Gothic makeup needs definition at the jaw line, the chin and on the cheekbones. Hence use your diligence when applying concealer and foundation to define each section of the face, the neck and the forehead.

The décolletage and the neck is where the real dramatic effects come into play. Ignore them not!

While applying powder to bring on the corpse look, do not overdo the routine. You do not want to look like a walking-talking ad of a flour mill, now do you?

It is either the lips or the eyes that should be the focal point, or else you would lose the game!

Gothic look

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3. Enjoy your ways

It needn’t be Halloween for crying out loud to dress up gothic, and you do not have to necessarily be a troubled teenager to don the same. With the right essentials in hand, and with plenty of fun to have, you too could end up looking like a true-blooded gothic queen in no time. Here’s what you would need-

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5. Powder

Translucent powder for the face, and if possible three shades lighter on this one too. The powder should be dusted on the décolletage and the neck, and do not end at the jaw line!

Powder for gothic

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6. Lipstick

Needless to say, your lips need to be very dramatic and intense for the perfect gothic witch or doll makeup look. If you do not wish to wear black lipstick, that’s okay! The Lolita look too is gothic enough, if you know how to choose the right deep pink or plums and dress the lips with a pouty effect.

Off-late, the oxblood shade is in trend and has rendered a similar effect.


source: alicdn.com

7. Eyeliner

Once again, the waterline up and down should be dramatic to the core. If you aren’t comfortable donning black on the lash lines, you could choose other dark colours for the same. Purple, green or even blood red works!

If you are interested in projecting a gothic vampire makeup style, red color would be the right choice.

Gothic eyeliner

Source: amazon.com

8. Eyeshadow

The darker the better, shadows for the lids have to be intense dark and dramatic. With a little shimmer and shine, the eyes would do the talking. Choosing greys, deep browns, deep caramels or intense blues and bottle greens, deep purples mixed with steel and metallic tones would make you look sensual and mysterious.

Gothic eyes

Source: narscosmetics.com

9. Concealer

One of the essential tool to complete the gothic makeup styles is the concealer. Camouflaging the skin conditions and flaws with the concealer, you can achieve the chalk white look smoothly.


source: cdn.gothic.life

10. Eyebrow pencil

Though the above mentioned tools will satiate your gothic makeup ideas, we also believe that colored eyebrow pencil will add more spice to the look.

Eyebrow Pencil

source: google.com

11. Mascara

One of the must-haves of gothic makeup styles includes a mascara. Bat the long black lashes and stone the hearts of the by-passers. To achieve the crazy gothic effect, add layers of mascara, preferably in black.


source: cloudfront.ne

Gothic Makeup Tips and Tricks

Now that you have a list of all the must-haves for obtaining the tense and melodramatic look, skim through the tips on gothic clothing and trend to nail the look-

  • Along with makeup, the clothing should also work in harmony. It would mostly be black from head to toe, but a gothic bride makeup will have to balance out an all white attire.
  • Don’t forget the nail paints that surely will add some special effect to the look. Blacks, deep blues, wine reds etc will work great for this style.
  • One more interesting suggestion we have for you is the colored lens. A red colored lens will definitely round off the gothic vampire style perfectly, don’t you think?

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Ready to scare the world and have fun with the girls tonight, we’ve given you the scoop, so where’s the instagramming moments?

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