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Different Chain Types You Need To Know While Going Jewelry Shopping

by Fashionlady
Necklace Chain Types

Chain Types

When it comes to jewellery shopping, women are often bogged down with one basic question – what to buy. And the confusion gets all the more when it comes to choosing chain types. Why because there is not one or two but a huge selection of chains to take your pick from.

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A Guide On Different Necklace Chain Types

Instead of relying on your neighborhood jeweller, it makes sense to know the types of chains. I have put up a guide that will help you select necklace chain types as per the need and occasion for which you have to wear it.

There are different types of jewelry chains and different kinds of necklace chains. And there are silver chain types, gold chain types, and bracelet chain types for you to make up your mind on. In the selection of jewelry chain types, you can just buy the chain or go for the one with a pendant hanging from it. Here we go checking the universe of different types of chains.

Classic Chains

1. Cable Chain

Cable is an old Norman French word which finds source in Latin words capulum (lasso, rope) and capere (to take). Cable chain is one of the most popular chain styles, a reduced version of the large chains used on board ships. Oval or round links are interlocked in a uniform pattern. Each link is found lying at ninety degrees to the next.


There are variations too in this chain type such as double link chain or parallel link chain.

Bracelet Chain Types

2. Curb Chain

The word ‘curb’ originally means a curved piece of wood. This gold chain types has special curved links which are interlocked even when laid flat. Curb chain is a durable choice for necklaces and bracelets.

Bracelet Chains Types

3. Figaro Chain

A modified form of the curb chain, Figaro chain is of Italian origin where the interlocking flat links vary in size, as you can make out in the images shown below.

Gold Chain Types

Textural Chains

1. Popcorn Chain

Lightweight and tubular in nature, popcorn chain comes with a beaded texture. These chains come with a puffed look which looks like a garland of popcorn.

Silver Chain Types

2. Rope Chain

When you find the chains links twisted or looped together giving the impression of a rope style, you know it is a rope chain. This necklace chain types and bracelet chain types is one of the most popular chain styles.

Kinds Of Necklace Chains

Source: gallerily.com

3. Byzantine Chain

Also called the ‘bird cage’, the Byzantine chain style belongs to the ancient Byzantine empire. This necklace chain types is a decorative design where you will find a woven texture. That is why, this pattern is complex and intricate.

Different Types Of Jewelry-chains

Sleek Chains

1. Snake Chain

Hey don’t be afraid on reading the name, but snake chain also known as Brazilian chain has tightly linked wavy plates giving a smooth round look. It has a zigzag pattern too.

Types Of Jewelry Chains

2. Box Chain

When you find square links similar to a box connected together, you are in for Box chain. This sturdy chain looks great when it has a charm or pendant hanging from it.

Ddifferent Kinds Of Necklace Chains

3. Singapore Chain

This jewelry chain types has a twisted chain linking pattern that combines the look of a curb chain with a rope chain.

Jewelry Chain Types

Well, I hope this mini-glossary of chain types will help you make up your mind on buying the right chain for yourself, and loved ones, as also for gifting during wedding functions. Do tell us the necklace chain types or jewelry chain types that you have decided upon.

Images Source: pinterest.com, jewelryunlimited.com

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