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Walk, Talk And Look Like An Egyptian – Easy Egyptian Make Up Tips

by Fashionlady
Easy Egyptian Make Up Tips

Easy Egyptian Make Up Tips
“Walk Like an Egyptian”… Bangles

Oh no, we aren’t promoting the good old song from the 90s, but we are here to help you doll up your eyes the way Cleopatra did in her hey days. Egyptian eyes are mystical and mesmerizing; for over centuries, poets, singers and artists have written volumes about the Egyptian look – the eyes especially. Men swoon over the dramatic affair and women want to emulate the Goddess Isis soiree. If you have been thinking on the same lines about your new eye makeup look – we have a few steps listed below on how to get the Egyptian eye makeup look – read on please!

For the face

Back in the good old ancient Egyptian days, no one had pale skin – one would encounter skin tones from deep brown to an olive touch. It was because of the sun and exposure to it that the skin darkened over time and hence the ancient Egyptians used make up to match up. This is thus a hint for you to pick up foundation powder or liquid foundation which would be one shade darker than what your makeup would normally be. Use a bronzing powder for the regular dusting, and here are the steps on how to do it.

  • Take a large brush and swirl the foundation over the forehead, the temples, the cheeks, the nose and the chin.
  • For the jaw, you’d need to blend in the bronzer, and the same would be for the neck as well- brings about a seamless smooth touch.
For the face

Source: wordpress.com

For the eyes

Very important, so please read and follow to the T every bit of the instruction given below; if you get this right, you’d be a hit!


  • Use a very light overshadow – copper or gold to begin with for the lids
  • Use a dark pencil to create the winged eye-liner look- cat-eyed and dark
  • The eyebrows should be brushed upwards first and then outwards, using a large eyebrow brush
  • Now darken your eyebrows with the help of kohl or a dark pencil – giving them a shape that’s nice and pleasing
  • Use a shimmery shadow for the entire lid- start from the area just below the brow and carry on all the way to the top lash line
  • From the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, you’d need to get the top lined- half an inch would be great
  • The same would be for the lower lash line- half an inch again
  • Amalgamate the two on the outer edge of your eyes
  • Go back to the dark pencil and use it to darken each line- use a second coat now
  • Doll up the lashes using waterproof mascara for thickness and drama
For the eyes

Source: justtrendygirls.com

For the lips

Scrolls and manuscripts show us how the Egyptians loved dolling their lips and painting them too. The look is simple, and here’s how to achieve it.

  • Use a red lipstick or one with berry tones
  • Line the top
  • Line the bottom
  • Paint the lipstick in between
  • Use clear gloss for a touch, and that’s it

You are ready to date an Egyptian

There is no difference between the make-up done back in ancient Egypt and now – it is all about experimenting. Most men and women these days go gothic or dramatic while dolling up in the Egyptian look – focal points being the eyes and the lips. Go ahead and get mysterious this evening; try the ancient look and let us know how it went!

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