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How to Wear the Matte Red Lipstick this Winter

by Fashionlady

How to Wear the Matte Red Lipstick
Matte red lipsticks, which were quite a huge rage in the 80’s are a still fashion staple, which can instantly make you look gorgeous. This bold and vibrant fashion shade isn’t for the weak heart or someone, who doubts fashion.You can effortlessly pull off this look, provided you know how to do it because there is some serious groundwork involved in getting this look right. This edition is for the first timers or for those who love to experiment with new colors and I am sure you’ll surely thank me at the end for sharing those useful tips.

Choose the product carefully

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  • Take this as a thumb rule when it comes to makeup. Always choose the product after a thorough market research. It’s better to spend extra on a reliable yet pricey product rather than picking a cheap item, which can affect your skin immediately or in the long run
  • While picking a makeup item make sure to check if you require any additional tool such as a sharpener for your lip pencil
  • Now, after you’ve decided the brand, now it’s time to choose a color. You’ll get a variety in the color red, so you should always pick a color that complements your skin tone. For instance, you should go for red with orange-yellow undertone if your complexion is warm/dusky. And if you have lighter complexion then go for a red with blue-purple undertones
  • Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Striking and  MAC Lipstick in Russian Red are some of the fabulous matte lipstick and brands available in the market
Matte Red Lipstick this Winter

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How to Wear the Matte Red Lipstick

    • Exfoliation is a must. You may ignore other beauty regimes but don’t forget to exfoliate. Since the matte lipstick is dry, it can result in chapped or flaky lips. So, it’s always suggested to exfoliate at night and apply some lip balm before going to bed. This will keep your pouts hydrated all night, thereby preparing them for the matte application next day
    • Next day just before wearing the makeup, do not forget to clean your lips as the balm on your pouts can hinder the color from transferring into your lips and it will continuously slip off thereby losing the matte effect

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  • Apply concealer on your lip lining to ensure the color perfectly pops on your pouts. Furthermore, the concealer stops your lipstick from bleeding, whilst creating a significant contrast between your skin and lips
Matte Red Lipstick for Winter

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How to Wear the Matte Red Lipstick

  • After cleaning your lips from balm or kind of moisturizer, you can now start applying the shade from the center towards the two edges on the top lip
  • Now for bottom lip, follow the same procedure and go all over the way into the edges, while gently blotting your pouts together
  • Now define the cupid’s bow by highlighting the center of your lips. Now fill up your bottom lip all over again

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  • Unlike lip gloss or regular lipstick, you do not have to use a tissue paper to blot your lips as matte lipstick will sit dry as soon as you apply
How to Wear the Matte Red Lipstick

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Some tricks you should know

  • In order to keep your painted pouts flawless, you can use a lip crayon either in matching undertone as that of your skin or in a nude shade. Use the crayon on the inside of your lips, which will act as a barrier between your teeth and lipstick, thereby saving you from embarrassment


  • You’re interested in using matte lipstick but naive of spending then go for a fabulous DIY. Apply your regular red color (a cream finish is better) and then dab some translucent powder over your lips by using your finger. The powder will soak the shiny content thereby giving you a gorgeous matte finish. Do not forget to blend well

Best Matte Lipsticks Available In India include those from MAC, Lakme, Revlon and more.

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