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Love It Sensuous: How To Wear Dark Lipstick Shades

by Fashionlady
How To Wear Dark Lipstick Shades

How To Wear Dark Lipstick Shades

Spring left us with an array of lip shades to play with, summers screamed neutral, but when it comes to Fall and Winters, let’s make magic happen with all things mystical and dark.

Let’s see how to sport the dark lipstick looks

From haute clothing to makeup trends, learn how to wear dark lipstick, which would make heads turn at every wedding, fashion event and social gathering you attend.

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Why stain those lips in dark?

It’s pretty simple PYTs; while staining doesn’t smudge or fall off, the lip colour you choose in dark tones makes the lips look yummier for sure, but wouldn’t melt no matter what the climes be! Lip stains are for ever, they are waterproof too and even if you jump into the pool with them on, your face wouldn’t be smeared with unholy touches!

Sonam Kapoor dark lipstick

Source: joellemagazine.com

Choose The Right Lip Primer

But what if you do not find the right lip colour or stain? Use a lip primer of repute, and thankfully they work wonders too. The little upper lip sweat beads won’t ruin the look at all.

Dark lipstick shades tutorial

Source: pinterest.com

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Striking A Balance

The day look or the night, whatever be the reason for you wanting to sport dark and luscious lovely lips, your lips would certainly do the talking when you know how to strike the right chord and balance. Know what colour to wear for the occasion or the event, and you’d be flaunting an ‘adventurous’ carefree look for sure!

MAC dark lipstick

Source: pinterest.com


Dark Lip Liners

Always think of the dark lip liners as a messiah that holds fort when you have to paint those lips. Top it with a little lip balm and then apply your lip liner, should you hate the gooey feel. To get an opaque look, get the lip completely filled with the liner and dab a little lip balm on top to hydrate the lip. The matte look would be long lasting when this is done!

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Dark lipstick looks

Source: pinterest.com

Paint Within The Lines

It is a no-brainer that the lip liner is your guide to paint within and not outside the lines, but the clownish effect comes through with most Indian women who never care to follow the rule. A Q-Tip helps rim the lips well, and with the help of translucent powder, the darkest of lip shades stays for a longer period of time!

Lipstick outline tutorial

Source: trendseve.com

Match The Dark Lips With Generously Applied Mascara

To complete the look of dark lips, pout the effect with generous amounts of invisible mascara with the help of your ring finger on the lips. You do not want the lips to shine too much, and yet not become an invisible entity too, which is why using mascara with dark shades of lipstick would be perfect.

Final Word

When trying dark lipsticks, lip stains or lip shades for the first time, do not try to emulate the celebrities out there. Remember, they have their own professional teams to help them achieve a look, which is why they flaunt a fabulous stance. What we would encourage you to do is to spend a little time experimenting with shades and hues, to the ensembles you have in your cupboard.

Shades of lipstick

Source: pinterest.com

Be your own judge and learn about dark lipstick looks. Check online and watch tutorials too. Who knows, you may be the next MUA who would teach us a thing or two!

Hope this article on how to wear dark lipstick is helpful to you. Tell us if you think we have missed some tips in this post.

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