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Bold Lips: What your Lipstick Says about You

by Fashionlady
Lipstick Says about You

What your Lipstick Says about You

Whether you are a blonde or a brunette, it doesn’t really matter. What can convey a lot about you at the first very look is the colour of your lips.

Researches on the lipstick patterns are becoming more frequent than the ones on rice, colas, cars and holiday destinations. Blame it on women, what else! The lipstick wearers are going on for a date nearly three times as compared to the plain-lipped. How else would you explain the overwhelming frequency of love bytes?

As you can see, women have truly arrived in their fashion instincts. But girls out there who have been ignoring this part of the female anatomy need to seriously look at their lips before they start to lose out in the crowd. Time to look up some of the cool shades you would love to glam up your lips with. Happy picking the colour of your lip!

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So, let’s get started on what your lipstick says about you.

Red Lipstick

If red is your hottest colour, then you are from the bold, extrovert and confident breed of girls. Bright reds on lips instantly draw the attention of everybody (including your boss). And what do your red lips say “Look at me, I’m not afraid.”

The cool red that you wear on your lips exudes a strong vibe from you – in terms of your ambitions and sexuality. Red has all the material to make you look passionate (sometimes wild), confident, sensuous, and blasting with energy.

As red rockers, you are more creative, sassy and daring. Going out on a Saturday night (with who comes next) is a hot topic on your weekly agenda. Exercise and gym is something you are likely to do more frequently so as to get your figure talking as much as your lips.

A piece of advice – red is also the colour that attracts negativity. So, go slow while dabbing red on your lips.

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Red Lipstick says about you

Source: interaksyon.com

Pink Lipstick

Pink is a colour that depicts girlish nature. It is also to be seen as affectionate, sociable and a fun loving colour. There is a bit of spunk and innocence rolled into pink.

But, pink colour is not that mild as you think. It is a symbol of authority. Saw that senior executive dressed in a corporate suit with pink shade on her lips? She gives a sense of maturity, at the same time power, position and elegance with a feminine streak. Is this your lipstick personality?

Pink Lipstick says

Source: wonderwardrobes.com

Plum Lipstick

This depicts self-sufficient and independent category of women. They are mostly found at home on the weekends, are not the selfie-types, and have lesser number of shoes as compared to other lip shade wearers.

Plum Lipstick

Source: liveloveandread.com


Purple Lipstick

Mystical and regal, the purple shade is all about that. When you spot a girl with purple lip tones, you can make out her ways that are feminine, strong and confident. While the lighter shades of purple project sophistication, they also depict sultry sexiness subtly.

Purple Lipstick says about you

Source: fashiondivadesign.com

Orange Lipstick

When you wear orange on your lips, you are likely to come across as a warm person who wants fun without being a show-off. Orange as a colour explores your genuine and carefree side which shows on your lips.

Orange lipstick personality

Source: femmefatalelashes.com

Black Lipstick

This is a cool colour Rihanna-fans would love to explore on their lips. Black can be worn by those girls who want to show themselves confident, sexy and bold. It is a colour meant to be worn at parties, not with any outfit.

Black Lipstick

Source: pinterest.com

Now tell us which girl are you – black magic woman or sexy nude. Hope this article on what your lipstick says about you was helpful.

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