Wedding Nail Designs: 10 Cute Styles to Emulate


Wedding Nail Designs

From eye makeup to the gorgeous pinks and peaches on the lips, deep shades of eye shadow to the bridal mehndis that adorn the brides hands and feet, an Indian wedding is but a riot of lovely colours to flaunt on D-Day. With that being said and keeping in mind the quirky demands of the new-age Indian bride, she just isn’t happy with a French manicure any longer. To steal the thunders around while she meets and greets her attendees at the mandap or while she holds a bouquet and walks down the aisle, she flaunts chic wedding nail designs. Yes ladies, nail trends and nail art are a hit and haute statements to flaunt this year. Take a look at some chic nail art that could inspire you and match up with the theme of the wedding too!

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10 Cute Bridal Nail Art Designs To Ink Your Nails With

Right from the time you’ve had those little tea parties with friends as a child, you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day. Make it special with these cute ten bridal nail art to flaunt on D-Day!

Pretty Violets

Breaking from the conventional reds and pinks for your wedding trousseau, should you be wearing shades of lilac, violets and blues, here are quirky violet designs with floral touches for your nails to doll up in!

Floral nail arts

Chunky And Bling

Love keeping it traditional but minimally chunky for your nails! Don’t sacrifice on the bling factor which rules your trademark style. Flaunt the chunky nail art shown, with the saree or lehenga you would be dolling up in at your wedding!

Bridal nail art

A Lovely Shade Of Grey

While grey seems to be mystical and very old-world glam with nail colours, wearing it for your wedding wouldn’t be a kill, but a steal deal. Versatile as the shade is, with a gold band for company, the nail art speaks of longevity and unending love in this version of bridal nail art.

Nail art for wedding

Peachey Minimalism

Peaches rule and they keep it subtle and nude too. For the bride who doesn’t like it too loud on her nails, the minimal nail art trend with a cut primrose for company, seems to be a hit.

Nail designs for weddings

Burn Them Green With Envy

Steal the limelight and make all shutterbugs focus on you, while you meet and greet wedding attendees at the occasion. A touch of shimmery green for the tips of the nails and leaving it to that, would be an ideal chic way to make a statement

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Nail arts for weddings


Vibrant Autumn Touches

Autumn for the winter weddings, why not? A touch of white and orange with chunky embellishments on each nail, brings about a vibrancy to match the occasion and your designer bridal couture too!

Nail art for bride

Pearly Silvers And Whites

For the Indian Christian bride who knows what she wants and with pride walks down the aisle, while she stands at the altar and takes her vows, she flaunts those white and silver nails with pearl embellishments in haute style!

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Wedding nail arts

A Royal Mughal Touch

Match it up to the bridal wear and the chunky wedding accessories, palm rings and more, and do it with a royal Mughal touch for the nails that too- steal the looks wherever you go and whoever you greet at your wedding this winter!

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Chic wedding nail designs

Beach Weddings

Floral themes and at the beach, why not? This winter bring back spring wearing a floral lehenga or a floral wedding cocktail gown for the reception, matching it up with chic floral nail art to flaunt!

Cute Bridal Nail Art Designs

Alpana Designs

The traditional alpana motifs have for long been used by Bengali brides at their weddings. From motifs of chandan touches on their forehead to adorn to the quirky new-age Bengali bride demanding the same on her nails- here’s a sneak peak!


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