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Nail Art Designs You Can Do Only Using A Scotch Tape

by Fashionlady
Scotch tape Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Is nail art all about dressing your nails in colours and glitters? Turn around baby. Scotch Tape is the next best thing to have happened to getting lovely patterns on nails.

Nail art designs are becoming a trend that is fun-loving and can be made simple with the use of household tools such as Scotch tape. You just need to stick the tape to your dried nails, add another pop of colour of your choice, and your nails would be ready to look a hottie! Want to try out some nail-biting art designs using scotch tape? Here we go.

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Instructions of doing Nail art using Scotch tape

No hi-fi tutorial is required in doing nail art designs with Scotch tape. Simplicity is the best way to get going in this fashion fad.

  • First of all apply base coat over your nails.
  • Once the coat dries, put tape along the nail to get the design of your choice.
  • Now put a nail paint of contrasting colour to the nail part which is exposed.
  • Start removing the tape slowly while the nail paint is wet.
  • Apply top coat over it to reduce imperfections, if any.
  • The design is done.
  • See to it that there are no gaps left once you put the tape on the nails otherwise it will look messy and stupid.
  • In order to avoid the second layer of coat, use nail enamel that is able to do the job in the first application of the nail coat itself.
  • Most importantly, wait for the base coat to dry off completely before applying the Scotch Tape.
Nail art design with scotch

Source: pinterest.com


First of all, get for yourself scotch tape and a pair of scissors. Cut the scotch tape with scissors to create a lace-like edge. Now use a dotting tool to make dots on and around the curved areas of the lace. So easy it is. You just need to get started and very soon you will be master in doing nails with scotch tape.

Llace nail art designs

Source: pinterest.com

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Chevron Nails

Ah…“chevron” might sound very hi-fi but it essentially means ‘zigzag’ patterns. For that you need to paint your nails dry, cut a small piece of Scotch tape in zigzag line. Now stick the pieces on to your nail (don’t forget to leave some gap between them) and paint the exposed nail. Let the whole thing dry out, remove the tape carefully and leave a zigzag line. Using a nail art pen, draw a zigzag below and above the original. Add a top coat and allow it to dry.

Nail art design

Source: pumpsandiron.com


This is easy to make. All you need to do is just put tape on the nails in diagonal patterns and you are done.

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Diagonal nail art

Source: pinterest.com


Never mind if you are a novice at nail art, doing the silver stripes is very easy. All you need to do is make straight lines and follow the tutorial show below.

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Scotch tape nail art

Source: ispydiy.com


Half moon nail art designs

Source: ruelala.com

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Checkered Nails

First you need to put tape on the nails. Then apply a coat of gold. Once you pull off the tape, do the same exercise on your balance nails.

Nail art designs tips

beautiful nail art

Amazing Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs andIdeas

Nail Art Designs

nail art designs

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Nail Designs

Simple Nail Art Designs

images Source: pinterest.com

Now that you have got a fair idea of how to go bonkers with nail designs using a Scotch tape, start practising the trend today and let us know you found it. Happy Scotch taping the nails!

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