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25 Types of Manicures for You to Try

by Fashionlady
Glitter Manicures for You to Try

Manicures are a different type of  therapy altogether. I’m sure most of you will accept this statement. With working all through the week on laptops, house work, etc., the hands definitely need some pampering. Right?

25 Glitter Manicures for You to Try

While manicures at home are easy, it might take time for you to completely master it and have the ideal nail paint touch up done. There are various types of manicures. Normal manicure includes cleaning the nails, removing dead skin, cuticle trimming, some massage for the hands completed with a neat coat of nail polish. A different manicure style is the French Manicure where the tips are given a white tip.

The other types of manicures include: glitter manicure, summer style manicure (using summer colors), bridal manicure, just for fun manicures and many more. Everyday a new type of  manicure is tried and made popular.

Manicure art requires a lot of time on hand, along with utmost patience and dedication. Be it either to get it done at the salon and wait until it dries, or doing them yourself. Hands down, weekends are the most comfortable times to pamper yourself. This is also a fun thing to do on a girls night out.

Types of Manicures:

  1. Gold-and-Black Manicure
  1. Tip of Bling Manicure
  1. Moon Glitter Manicure
  1. Ombre Nails Manicure
  1. Just One Finger Glitter Manicure
  1. Mix and Match Manicure
  1. Angle the glitter Manicure
  1. Textured Nails Manicure
  1. Curved Manicure
  1. Triangle Nail Art Manicure
  1. Rhinestone Art Manicure
  1. Colour Me Neon Nails Manicure
  1. Glitter French Manicure
  1. Candy Stripes Manicure
  1. Christmas Spirit Manicure
  1. Glitter Claws Manicure
  1. Starry Night Manicure
  1. Go Whack Manicure
  1. Contrast Glitter Manicure
  1. 3D Art Manicure
  1. Criss-Cross Pattern Manicure
  1. Rainbow Nails Manicure
  1. Flaming Nails Manicure
  1. Confetti Glitter Manicure
  1. Two Minded Manicure

Now let’s look at 25 types of manicures that you can try either by yourself or get done professionally :

1. Gold-and-Black Manicure

This is a classic nail art manicure combination. It is quite bold and so should be reserved for parties and other grand festivities. Invest in good quality nail colours for best results. You can create your own interesting patterns using a nail art tool. If you don’t have one, no worries, just use a tooth pick or a bobby pin to create your patterns.

Gold and Black Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

2. Tip of Bling Manicure

This is a super easy glitter manicure. Just apply your base nail colour and apply a thin line of your glitter nail colour across the tip of your nails. This manicures works for both mornings and evenings, and for both your work and social life.

Manicures for Nails

Source: pinterest.com

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3. Moon Glitter Manicure

This is pretty much the opposite of the above manicure art. Here, instead of the tip you paint the bottom end of each nail with glitter. Here’s a photo of a moon glitter manicure. This type of nail art manicure design needs a lot of precision in order to make it look professional. Any little spillage of the glitter will make this manicure look sloppy.

Moon Glitter Manicures for You

Source: pinterest.com

4. Ombre Nails Manicure

While these may look difficult to do, in actuality they are quite easy. All you have to do is apply a base coat, let it dry and then apply a thin layer of your glitter nail polish to just over half of your nail. Allow it to dry and then apply another layer of glitter to one third of it, concentrating on the tip to create the ombre effect.

Manicures for Ombre Nails

Source: pinterest.com

You can also do an inverted version of it, saturating the bottom of your nail and fading it outwards.

Ombre Nails Art

Source: pinterest.com

5. Just One Finger Glitter Manicure

If you think glitter on all your nails will be a little too much, how about applying glitter to just one finger nail? Colour the other nails in different colors. This will not only make the glitter pop, but will also ensure that the glitter’s not overkill.

Mix and Match Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

7. Angle the glitter Manicure

You can create interesting angles to your glitter nails. Apply two layers of base coat in a pale shade. Then, simply take a piece of tape and dab it with your fingers to make it a little less sticky (this is so that it doesn’t peel away your basecoat). Stick the tape diagonally onto your nail to cut off the top part of your nail from the bottom in the shape of a triangle. Now apply a coat of clear polish onto the top part of your nail and remove the tape. Sprinkle glitter onto the wet area, dabbing it in to make the glitter stick to the wet polish and keep sprinkling till you completely cover that part. Allow it to dry and then gently brush off any excess glitter.

Angle the glitter Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

8. Textured Nails Manicure

This manicure art involves using glitter particles (craft stuff) and other glitter substances to create a textured effect. Simply put on a clear polish and apply the pieces onto your nails till you cover them up completely.

Textured Nails

Source: pinterest.com

I’m sure you’re already feeling more confident about DIY glitter manicures.



Here are some more awesome glitter designs for you try

9. Curved Manicure

This manicure art needs craft supplies to be used on clear nail polish. While this nail art design is curved, you can use your imagination to give it different looks and textures.

Curved Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

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10. Triangle Nail Art Manicure

This triangle nail art may seem similar to the one shown above. However, for this manicure art, use scotch tapes to create the triangle. Once the triangle is created, first paint the glitter colors followed by the nail color that you want in the end.

Triangle Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

11. Rhinestone Art Manicure

For this manicure art, make sure you use a matte color on the base of your nails. while the paint is still wet, stick the rhinestones in a manner that suits you most.

Rhinestone Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

12. Colour Me Neon Nails Manicure

In this, use bright neon colors to do up the tip. You can also do an ombre of neon colors on the nail of the ring finger. Also, make sure you wear a sober and a light shade dress. You do not want to scream neon at the party.

Colour Me Neon Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

13. Glitter French Manicure

This is a french manicure that has glitter polish done to it after the french tip has been created. This is a pretty nail art design for the bride-to-be.

Glitter French Manicure

Source: pinterest.com

14. Candy Stripes Manicure

Make sure you use scotch tapes for this one too. Using scotch tapes will give the nails the exact diagonal lines that you need. Do the base first and move on to the glitter effects.

Candy Stripes Nail Manicures

Source: pinterest.com

15. Christmas Spirit Manicure

Different types of manicures are done for different festivals, occasions and events. For Christmas, use the Christmas colors such as reds and greens with some white. Since, it’s a season to be merry and celebrate, use as much glitter as possible.

Christmas Spirit Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

16. Glitter Claws Manicure

These manicures designs are most popularly seen on runways among models who show off their bold and wild attitude. Once again, if you want your nails to be the highlight, keep your dress simple. Make sure your hands are always by your side if you are planning to put on this manicure style to parties. You do not want to leave scratch marks on your friends and other people at the party.

Glitter Claws Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

17. Starry Night Manicure

If it’s a Halloween party and you aren’t sure how to keep your nails looking sweet yet theme-based, then this nail art manicure design can be a safe bet.

Starry Night Manicures for You

Source: pinterest.com

18. Go Whack Manicure

These types of manicures are most suitable for summer and spring seasons. Even the colors shown are sweet and decent. Wear this nail art design on a date night or to a college event to look pretty as ever.

Manicure Nail Arts

Source: pinterest.com

19. Contrast Glitter Manicure

If you are wearing a dress that has more than one color, then go contrast on your nails too.

Contrast Glitter

Source: pinterest.com

20. 3D Art Manicure

Craft supplies have more uses than you thought.

3D Art

Source: pinterest.com

21. Criss-Cross Pattern Manicure

Once again, scotch tapes will help you get this desirable nail art. But if a bride wants this on her wedding day, we suggest that she visits a professional nail art artist for this.

Criss-Cross Pattern

Source: pinterest.com

22. Rainbow Nails Manicure

Use a sponge and some glitters for this colorful manicure nail art design.

Rainbow Nails

Source: pinterest.com

23. Flaming Nails Manicure

If you want to go hot and wild on Halloween, then this design in loud gold and red glitter is what you need to try.

Flaming Nails_inspired Manicures You Need To Try

Source: pinterest.com

24. Confetti Glitter Manicure

Aren’t there endless ways to doll up your nails? A lot can be done on the nails with glitter and craft supplies. Here’s another way to use what’s left from your previous art and craft session.

Confetti Glitter Manicures for You

Source: pinterest.com

25. Two Minded Manicure

Two Minded Nail art Glitter Manicures

Source: pinterest.com

If you love glitter (who doesn’t!) then you must give yourself a glitter manicure. You can make your nails as subtle or as jazzy as you want by controlling the amount of glitter that you use. If you’re going out to party, then let loose and go bling with super sparkly glitter nails. Whereas, if you want an everyday manicure, then maybe just a little dash of glitter to brighten things up. Either way, glitter is sure to cheer you up on dull days and make you feel young and cheery.

If you’re looking for some DIY glitter manicures, then here’s a list of 25 types of manicures for you to try.

Tip: Always apply two layers of top coat (clear polish) to seal your nail art and help it last long. If you don’t have glitter nail polish, you can add some craft glitter dust to your clear nail polish to create your own glitter nail polish. You can also use any old powder eye shadow or blush to create some awesome glitter manicures.

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