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Does Proactiv Work? Understanding The Science Behind Proactiv

by Fashionlady
Does Proactiv Really Work

How To Use Proactiv

With celebrity product endorsements hitting the roof, it is tough to distinguish between what is actually useful and what is not. For instance, amongst the acne treatment systems, Proactiv is the most well-known product but it might not be your top pick. You might have a million questions about the proactiv solution and how to use proactiv, with the most pertinent question being “Does Proactiv Really Work?”. This written piece is aptly aimed to answer all those questions about Proactiv.

Does Proactiv Work

What Is Proactiv All About?

Proactiv is one of the world’s largest producers and/or marketers of products for acne prone skin. The company claims that the newly formulated revolutionary acne products work faster than any other comparative product. It also goes on to say that the proactiv gentle formula is one of its kind and put all your acne woes to rest.

Proactiv Gentle Formula
The basic Proactiv solution is a three step system that is comprised of a cleanser, a toner, and a lotion. And though there are several add-on products, but the base acne treatment is in this three part system.

The Need For Proactiv

Acne is essentially a skin disease where red bumps, clogged pores, and some tender cysts develop in the skin. It may sometimes be painful and almost always embarrassing. The bumps seen on your skin today began developing about 2 weeks ago.


The interesting fact here is each acne blemish starts as a clogged pore and these pores are the opening of hair follicles. The skin cells or derma cells at the surface of some of these pores do not shed normally. Instead, they get stuck together, clogging the pore. Now, when the pore is clogged, the natural oils from the hair follicle start accumulating in the pore, building up pressure and creating somewhat airtight and warm environment for the bacteria to grow. Bacteria build up in the blocked pore and as a subsequent result. White blood cells accumulate here to attack the overgrown bacteria. This deadly combination of the blocked sebum, bacteria, and the white blood cells (commonly called pus) lead to tender red bumps that we call acne.

Proactiv Acne Scars
Acne is very very common and about 85% of teenagers develop it and many adults, especially women, continue having acne in their 20’s, 30’s and even later.

This is where the Proactiv acne treatment system, comes in. Designed by two dermatologists, the newly reformulated acne products use non-prescription medications to clear up acne. Though it was designed initially with adult women in mind, today it is used by millions of teenagers all over the globe. Proactiv ingredients do not cure acne but it does work on reducing them.

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Proactiv Solution

How Does Proactiv Work?

The Proactiv system works to stop the entire acne building process in three simple steps. The steps are given as follows:

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash
1. The first step is to use the proactiv deep cleansing wash

The proactiv deep cleansing wash cleanser has tiny beads that help to exfoliate the remains of any dead skin cells, thus in turn, unblocking the pores. The cleanser contains benzoyl peroxide which is powerful oxidizer that helps both exfoliates the skin as well as kills bacteria growth on and inside the skin.

2. The second step is to use a proactiv revitalizing toner

The proactiv revitalizing toner contains glycolic acid which is a natural acid found in most citrus fruits. This toner also works on the facial skin to exfoliate the skin and to unstick sticky-cells. The difference is that this is a chemical exfoliant and compliments the base physical exfoliant in the cleanser itself.

3. The third step is to use a proactiv repairing lotion.

1. The Deep Cleansing Wash

The wash contains salicylic acid which helps you thoroughly rinse off your face and cleanse before the other follow up products get a chance to work.

Proactiv Skin Lightening Lotion

2. The Advanced Blemish Treatment

This contains 6% benzoyl peroxide, which is strong enough to kill acne bacteria on contact and keep your skin from forming new blemishes.

3. Proactiv skin lightening lotion

This not only helps keeps acne marks at bay but also lightens your over-all skin tone.

Proactiv Ingredients
Proactive is revolutionary in it approach and the three step system work miracles if we just go by proactiv reviews pasted all over the internet. If you still aren’t convinced go check out the hundreds of proactiv before and after images that patrons have posted on social mesdia sites time and again.

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