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What Are The Different Nail Art Tools And Supplies a Beginner Must Own

by Fashionlady
Nail Tools

Nail Art Tools

If you are a nail art enthusiast then chances are that you are probably familiar with the various nail art kits and supplies available in the market. While these tools are all indeed very effective and assist you in creating some awesome nail art, the fact of the matter is that most of us do not need so many different tools for nail art.

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What Are The Nail Tools a Beginner Would Need When It Comes To Nail Art?

Unless you are a professional, you can easily make do with some simple nail shaping tool to create your relatively simple nail craft. What you need is basic nail art kit that will consist of just the very essential tools and supplies to get you started.

Nail Polishes

Of course you can’t do nail designs without nail polishes. The quality of your nail polish will determine how long your nail patterns lasts without chipping or fading and how clean and vibrant it looks. One great way to get a lot of different colours without shelling out too much money is to get one of those mini sample pack kits. These come with a lot of different colours in mini sample size bottles.

nail dotting tool

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Top Coat

Top coat is a very very important component when it comes to nail art. A clear top coat is what helps seal your art, forming a protective layer to keep it intact. So be sure to invest in a good quality top coat.

Nail Art Kits

Strip Tape

One of the easiest nail art that you can try out as a beginner is to use nail strips to create patterns. From stripes to checks to zig zag patterns, there are so many different possibilities that you can try out. And yes, some people just use scotch tape or duct tape instead of nail art strips, but honestly? strips are just so much easier to use and you won’t have to worry about the tape pulling your nail polish and ruining your effort.

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Tools for Nail Art


Using embellishments such as rhinestones, beads, and glitter will help add some bling to your nail art. You can buy these in bulk as they are super simple and easy to use. Other different embellishments to consider buying are little plastic bows, stickers, tiny flower embellishments and so on.


Nail Art Tools for Womens

Brushes and Dotters

If you are good with your hands, you can invest in a nail brush kit for art work. The nail art kit comes with brushes of varying thickness that you can use to draw your own unique designs. A nail dotting tool is used to create polka dot type design with ease. Just like a brush, a dotter comes in different sizes.

Womens Nail Art Tools

Stamping Kit

While not essential, a stamping kit does allow you to create some intricate designs that you otherwise would not have been able to do. A stamping kit comes with a couple of image plates, a scraper and a rubber stamper. The idea is to transfer the image from the image plat onto the rubber stamp and then onto your nails. It is pretty simple to use and is a great way for beginners to flaunt some cool designs.

Best Nail Tools

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