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How To Wear Short Dresses And Feel Confident

by Fashionlady
Short Dresses for Womens

How To Wear Short Dresses

We all have our quirks and pet peeves. While some of us may be very confident in what we wear, a few of us would want to try out a few things, but may not be as confident.

Short Dresses! So, what is it that stops us? Our insecurities, of course!

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Some of us would love to wear this or that but somehow, we fall short of our expectations. Let’s talk about short dresses, the cute ones and the hot ones-Short dresses look amazing, but you will need to carry them off with confidence. We have some pretty awesome tricks up our sleeve for flaunting your favourite short dresses minus those insecurities. Read on to know more!

Womens Short Dresses

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Is That Your Tummy?

Okay, the problem with short dresses is the fact that they are mostly made of a material that hugs your skin tight. All those tummy tyers that you acquired over the years are in the spotlight. This is the number one reason why women might feel uncomfortable wearing a short dress. But don’t you worry because there are tons of ways you can camouflage that. There is a control top! This one has been specially made to control that bulge. It will not only create a smoother silhouette, but it will also help boost your confidence.

This is a control top or a bulge buster:

short dresses

Source: slimages.macys.com

Wear it under a dress like this to feel confident!

party wear short dresses

Source: pinterest.com

Wear Leggings Or Tights Under Your Short Dress

If you are worried about flashing while wearing your short dresses, then buy a pair of stockings! These will never give you away and plus you will be a thousand times more confident when sheer stockings are hiding all your lady bits. Sometimes, stockings or tights are necessary. This is when it’s too cold to fathom and wearing a short dress is murder. During this time, short dresses with stockings are inevitable. But when it’s summer, resort to sheer stockings because these aren’t that warm and will boost your confidence to strut around in a mini!

Look! Even models don’t shy away from stockings. Here is Miranda Kerr walking on the streets of NYC wearing a pair of tights under her shorts!

How to Wear Leggings Under a Dress

Source: xoxoglam.com

Take cues from this fashionista as well!


how to wear short dresses with leggings

Source: xoxoglam.com

Layer Them Up!

The newest trend now is to wear a shrug which is longer than the dress itself! This will draw the attention away from the short dress and you will not feel too shy either. Layering up your dress with shrugs is pretty darn easy. However, you will need to accessorize the shrug well with your dress. The dress may not always go with the shrug so you have to be extra careful about that one. Here are some ideas of how you can wear shrugs with your dresses:

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how to wear a short dress without showing

Source: blogspot.com

See, how easily you can change the look:

how to wear a short dress with showing

Source: intothegloss.com

Dressing up in your favourite clothes is all about confidence. You are wearing your dress for yourself. You shouldn’t be bothered about others! As long as you are confident, you are good to go girl!

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Tricia McMillan June 8, 2019 - 1:37 am

My mother always makes me wear dresses a bit shorter than my liking without shorts or tights. I’m more worried about sexual assault than “flashing” anybody. Is there any way to feel better about myself so I can wear the dresses my mom wants me to?


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