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How to Highlight Your Knees While Wearing a Short Dress

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how to wear a short dress

How to Highlight Your Knees wearing short dress
Perfect pins and shiny knees are an amazing way to highlight the lower portion of your body. Though we still pay a lot of attention to our pins, we hardly consider our knees important. But a good fashionista knows that the knees can be a very important highlight for your ensemble. Here we have picked up a few ways on how to highlight the knees in the best possible way.

Love Your High Waists:

Yes! High-waist skirts and short dresses blended with nude pumps can give an illusion of length. Plus if you focus more on your skirt length, and accentuate your waist, it will give your knees the right leverage.

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Use Some External Help (Get those Bronzers out)

There is no shame in using some makeup and self-tanning. While tanning can be a little tedious, a fast and efficient way to focus more on your knees is using a bronzer. Use a shimmer stick or highlighter and start from your thighs and go all the way down your shin to your foot. Not only will this make your legs look longer, but it will also highlight the knees.

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Now, using a bronzer also requires some expertise. Bronzer is a mixture of self-tanner and a highlighter. Do the same as what you did with your highlighter and you will see quite the difference with your pins.

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Invest in Nude Heels

Nude heels are a very good investment for your dresses. They look good with casual as well as formal dresses so you don’t really have to worry about making a wrong investment. Plus when you wear nude heels with a short dress, it gives an illusion that your legs are even longer and the focus shifts to your knees instead.

Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

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Be mindful of your hemline

Your hemline in your dress plays a very important role when it comes to making an illusion of longer legs. If you are choosing an A-line skirt choose something which ends high above the knees. Above the knee-cuts are the best for emphasizing on your knees. You can add heels to your ensemble to look a lot taller.


How to Make Your knees Look Longer

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Love the asymmetrical hemlines

Hemlines which are asymmetrical and short again expose a lot of skin which can essentially add to your advantage of making legs look longer and also putting focus on your knees. Mix some high heels and you are ready to go! However, if you have heavy calves, make sure you don’t wear too pointy heels because they may end up making you look wobbly.

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Choose your Shoes Wisely

We already mentioned that wearing nude heels will make your knees come under focus. You can also make sure you ditch heels with ankle straps. When you wear heels which have ankle straps, your legs are bisected and this spoils the look. You can opt for low cut pumps to keep the focus on your knees. You should also choose pointy heels. Round toes can have a shortening effect on your knees and can make it look like your legs ended abruptly. So make sure you choose a shoe wisely and choose something which will make it look like your foot is more exposed.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

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Most people do not realize, but knees are a very pivotal part of your look. You should focus more on your legs but at the same time not forget your knees! Keep your knees clean and shiny and your ensemble will look a lot complete!

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