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What Do Your Lipstick Shapes Say About Your Personality

by Fashionlady
Womens Lipstick Shapes

Lipstick Shapes

So if your next evening date is coming up, chances are you will be putting pops of colours on your lips. ‘Cos how else would you show your plump, sexy, sweet, kissable and well-defined lips to your BF?

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But more than the colour part, ever heard about lipstick and personality? Is there a thing like this going? What is the relation between these two?

The colour quotient is the first thing to impress in a lipstick but it’s the multi-faceted shapes such as slanting, rounded, flat, diagonal, sharp angled that are a defining part in a lipstick. In fact, your personality according to lipstick shape can be easily judged and guessed.

lipstick personality

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Here Is Your Cheat Sheet On What Do Lipstick Shapes Mean And Their Corresponding Lipstick Personality Assessment

Ask yourself when you are in your powder dressing rooms – does your lipstick shape have anything to do with lipstick personality? Do your lipstick shapes make you look an extrovert or the quiet introvert? Do they make you look cool and sassy or egoistic and brave? A happening bohemian or just a plain Jane? Puzzles like these are not only entertaining but extremely important as they define your persona and character so well. Enjoy reading it and let us know which category you fall under.

lipstick match your personality

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Flat Lipstick Shape

Lasses who like to put on flat lipstick shapes are reliable, trustworthy and quite straightforward. This makes it easy for them to connect to people. Flat lipstick shaped girls make as good friends too. They like to enjoy challenges in life and are not afraid of them.

The lipstick personality of flat lipstick-goers reflects them as good listeners, the one approached by people more for help and advice. So here comes a breed of girls who are good human beings.

personality according to lipstick shape

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Steep Angle

You are not only self-confident and well-balanced but look into the minutest of details. At times, you can get out of control.

lipstick and personality

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Pointed Shape

You are the ones who scream attention and are prepared for risks. This doesn’t mean you are a tough nut to crack. Girls who go for pointed lipstick shapes are warm and friendly too. But at times, stubbornness and rigidity can take the better of you.


Best lipstick shapes

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Diagonal Shape

Confidence and ambition are like your second skin. Naturally, it means you are the outgoing personality who knows how to turn dull and drab days into fun days. Despite this, you are choosy in nature and like to go around with selected friends.

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Concave shape

This lipstick shape means you belong to the mysterious breed – curious yet innocent and like to analyse things properly before deciding on anything. You are likely to make friends easily and surely and get emotionally attached. Most importantly, you are a passionate lover who loves to get into romantic letters and poems. Who knows you might have a fetish for writing a romantic novel?

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personality according to lipstick shapes

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Round Shape

Kind-hearted and extremely fun loving personality you are who likes to share joy by cooking for your near and dear friends. This could be one reason why you are liked and admired by all. Meticulous planning is in your nature, which is why you like to organise things professionally and creatively.

what shape is your lipstick

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So the next time we won’t ask you the colour of your lipstick but what shape is your lipstick. Let us know which of the lipstick shapes you belong to and we will keep it a well-guarded secret!

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