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Difference Between Women’s Bustiers And Corsets

by Fashionlady
Women’s Bustiers And Corsets

If you grew up watching Pirates of The Caribbean and Gossip Girl, then you already know what bustier and corsets are. We don’t know about you guys, but these two babies always fascinated us. The way our main girls Keira Knightly from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl sported these little babies, it knocked us off our chairs. Such style, we tell you!

Then, thanks to reality and busy life, all was forgotten!

Except, one fine day Kim Kardashian started the trend of corset training, and all women went wild!

It was then that we thought – “oh wait, women’s bustiers and corsets are real”, and were not only limited to screen personas – for steamy scenes and such, you know what we mean!

Here Are Some Basic Facts About Bustiers And Corsets Tops

We then did our research and got to know so much more about these two little friends, and of course learned the difference between women’s bustiers and corset tops!

Corsets – Corsets are shape-wear. They are designed in such a way that they give you support and strong bone your appearance. They end after your waist and tightly secure your waist – there by taking few inches off your waist!

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Bustier – These little things are also shapewear, but can be doubled as lingerie. They end right above your waist, there by tightening everything except your waist – so that your waist can flair a little and give you an hourglass figure. They also have cups weaved to give your bust a slight upward push.

What Is Their Purpose?

Well, both corsets and bustiers have the same purpose! They enhance certain areas of your body, cinch your midriff (so that it appears lean) and give you an hourglass figure!


So here it is! Plain and simple. Clear and loud. Corsets and bustiers have different benefits. Corsets try to shape your waist and make it small, while bustiers uplift your bust and flatten your midriff.

So it is safe to say that corsets have an effect waist down, and bustiers have an effect waist up!



Corsets – Corsets are majorly of two types. One is under-bust and the other is over-bust. Well, the name itself is self-explanatory, right? Anyway! Under-bust corset start under your bust and mainly work on your midriff, while Over-bust corsets come with built-in cups and cover your bust as well.

Bustier – Well, there are no particular types of bustiers. Because they always come with an in built bra.

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So, here are the basic know-how’s about corsets and bustiers that we feel everyone should know! Nobody should be like our 17 year old self who thought that corsets were meant to be only on screen! *tee hee*

Hope this helps!

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