Hairstyles For Wavy Hair – Get Inspired To Look Stylish


Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Are you blessed with thick wavy hair? Oh, lucky you! Wavy hair is the easiest to style and you do not even need to spend a lot of time for this purpose due to the exclusive structure as well as quality of your hair. From ponytails to braids to buns, there are a variety of hairstyles for wavy hair.

Let Us Show You 14 Highly Charming Yet Extremely Easy Hairstyles For Wavy Hair:

You just have to pick the right one according to the length of your locks and your desire.

1. Wrapped High Pony

When it comes to the trendiest wavy hairstyles for long hair, nothing can beat a high voluminous ponytail. Wrap a thin section of hair around the base of your pony and set the look with a good-hold hairspray.

Easy hairstyles for wavy hair

2. Low Side Pony

A low side pony like this can also turn out to be a sure bet for your wavy locks. Start with a partial side part, make a side pony at the nape of your neck and let a few loose strands around your face to create a messy casual look.

Hairstyles for curly hair

3. Twisted Half-Up Half-Down

There are certain hairstyles for curly hair, which go equally well with wavy mane. And this twisted half updo is just one of them. All you need to do is tease your crown a bit and give your locks a little texture before pinning the twisted sections back.

Wavy hairstyles ideas

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4. Side-Braided Bob

So you are a cute lass with a cuter short wavy bob. Great! You must try some super chic short wavy hairstyles to give your glam quotient a boost. How about braiding up the front section of your hair and tucking it behind the ear? Such a pretty schoolgirl look, isn’t it?

Wavy hairstyles for short hair

5. Braided Half-Up Half-Down

This braided version of half-up half-down is an elegant upgradation of the twisted one we have described earlier. It looks amazing on soft subtle waves. From a casual date to a dazzling party, this hairstyle can be rocked almost everywhere.

Types of wavy hairstyles,

6. Sexy Beach Waves

No matter whether you love spending time at beaches or not, you simply can’t miss out trying these sexy beach waves among different types of wavy hairstyles. A few spritzes of seasalt hairspray, a little scrunching and you are ready to go!

Wavy hairstyles for long hair

7. Loose Waves with Twisted Bang

Long wavy hair itself looks very much feminine. But if you want to add a touch of glam to it, you have to go for a twisted bang. Just let your waves rest on your shoulders and pin back the tightly twisted front bang. Classy, we must say!

Long wavy hairstyles

8. Hollywood Waves

Be it a theme party or a corporate event, old Hollywood waves are just perfect for everything. So, if you are planning to learn some vintage hairstyles for wavy hair, we highly recommend this one. Simple and sophisticated!

Short wavy hairstyles

11. Waves with Flower Headband

Including beautiful accessories in your wavy hairstyles ideas is always great for coming up with fresh and unique looks from time to time. Check out how amiably this floral headband has enhanced the beauty and charm of the loose blonde waves.

Waves with Flower Headband


12. Messy Casual Side Bun

If it is your second hair day and you’re really not ready for styling it, just wear this casual side bun. Keep the top of your head a little messy and let your bun rest at one side of the nape of your neck in a relaxed mannner. Effortlessly stylish!

Messy Casual Side Bun

13. Low Side Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid looks wonderful on all types of hair including the wavy one. And guess what? A perfectly made fishtail braid can grab you all the attention in no time. Therefore, wear this low side fishtail braid and let a large side bang embrace your face.

Fishtail Braid wavy hairstyles

14. Gorgeous Waterfall Braid

Finally, here is one of the best long wavy hairstyles that can bring you lots of appreciation with minimal effort. This waist-length ombre hair itself looks amazing with layered waves and the gorgeous waterfall braid has made it even more stunning.

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Waterfall Braid wavy hairstyles

Impressed with the long list of attractive hairstyles for wavy hair? So, which ones of these are you going to try? Do not forget to share your views and opinions with us.


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