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Easy Ways On How To Get Rid Of Flaky Skin

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How To Get Rid Of Flaky Skin

How To Get Rid Of Flaky Skin

Does your skin appear to be dry, peeling and cracked? Flaky skin is very common in those who are experiencing dry skin. Though skin dryness isn’t always the cause, other causes can be extreme weather conditions, eczema, dermatitis, skin infections and allergies.

There are many natural remedies that will work as flaky skin treatment

Most of the time flaky skin is accompanied by redness, itchiness and irritation.

1. Olive Oil For Flaky Skin Treatment

Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin. Not only does it coats the dry and flaky skin but also locks in the moisture. The fatty acids and vitamin E present in it helps to prevent skin ageing.

Here are few ways how you can use olive oil to treat flaky skin.

  • Body Lotion: Slightly warm the extra virgin olive oil in a microwave and massage it on the affected area. The oil will penetrate deep inside the skin and will prevent dryness and peeling of skin. Do it 2 to 3 times daily.
  • Body Scrub: Use a natural body scrub with olive oil to exfoliate your skin. Also, apply this to your skin before getting wet. Mix two tablespoon of salt with olive oil to make a thick paste and use this paste as a body scrub to gently exfoliate flaky and dead skin cells.
  • Face Mask: Another way to treat your flaky skin using olive oil is to mix this wonderful oil with egg yolk, few drops of lemon juice and rose water to form a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area and wash it off with cool water after 15 minutes. The goodness of olive oil and egg yolk can do wonders to dry skin and can control the shedding of the skin, making it smooth and soft.
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2. Aloe Vera

How to get rid of flaky skin just got even simpler. To get rid of peeling skin, try this natural home remedy using Aloe Vera. This remedy will rehydrate the skin and reduce inflammation, irritation and itching.


  • A freshly cut Aloe Vera leaf
  • Almond Oil

Method: Crack open a fresh aloe vera leaf and pour the thick sap in a cup. Mix a little almond oil to it and apply evenly on the affected area. After allowing it to dry for about 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water. Follow this remedy two to three times daily for a week to see the results.

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3. Avocado and Honey

To treat the misery brought on by the dryness of the skin, try this home remedy prepared with avocado and honey. The combined qualities of the two can treat dry skin and helps to prevent redness and peeling of the skin.


  • 1/2 cup mashed avocado
  • 1/2 cup honey

Method: Simply mix honey with mashed avocado and apply the mask on the affected areas. Let the mixture settle in skin for about 15 minutes, then wash it off with cool water. Repeat it twice a week for a month.

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4. Petroleum Jelly and Glycerin

Grandma’s favorite and one of the most effective remedies to treat peeling of the skin is the mixture of Petroleum jelly and Glycerin.

Method: Mix equal parts of both and apply it to your skin half-an-hour before taking a shower. You can also add few drops of vitamin E oil, if your skin is very dry. This remedy will slough away the flaking of the skin and will help you to get a smoother and softer skin.

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  • If you are suffering from peeling or flaky skin, then you need to be choosier while selecting your soap, make-up and cosmetic products. Avoid perfumed soap or cosmetic products with alcohol content.
  • Choose a moisturizing ‘cream bar’ or aqueous type for bathing soap.
  • Avoid too much of central heating and hot water baths, especially in winters, as your skin can be more prone to dryness and itchiness, which can result in flaky skin.
  • Moisturize your skin soon after bathing as it seals in the moisture and thus, prevents shabby peeling of skin.
  • Before applying makeup, moisturize your face and neck and wait for 5 minutes to let it absorb in the skin. And while applying makeup, stroke your brush downwards.
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So, choose one of these remedies and keep your skin happy & healthy always. Show your love by sharing your experiences and secret remedies with us.

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Hope this article on how to get rid of flaky skin using home remedies is helpful. It’s time to say goodbye to dry flaky skin.

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