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16 White Tip Nail Designs: Different French Manicure Variations You Can Try

by Fashionlady
French Tip Nail Art Designs

White Tip Nail Designs

A lady’s most prominent and potent feature is her nails. French manicure is one of the most popular types of manicures and looks classy! But nowadays, beauty gurus are opting for some change with the tried and trusted design. After all white tip nail designs without any jazz look so boring. They lack creativity and we can actually do so much more with our nails! So in this article we have brought a little twist to the conventional French Manicure. The white tip nail designs in this article are very different from what you have regularly seen. Try these white tips nails at home and see everyone turn back and look at your nails!

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French Tip Nail Art Designs

You can file your talons to look like killer machines or you can give them a wonderful and feminine look with French tip nail art designs.

1. Double Black French Manicure

Now this one is totally different from all the white tip nail art ideas you have ever seen online. Here, the white tip has totally disappeared! In fact, you have just added black instead of white. Use a clear nail polish and add two dashes in the nail with your black nail polish and tada! You have a very stylish and classy nail art!

French Manicure

Source: mdpcdn.com

2. Floral Touch To Your White Tips

Florals and white tip nail designs go so well! They complement each other and are perfect for the sultry summers. To achieve that look, simply paint your tips in your white nail polish and either stick some flowers on the tips or draw a few with the nail art pen! Beautiful, elegant and unique- all at the same time!

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White Tip Nails At Home

Source: we-love-nail-art.com

3. Ombre French Manicure

With Ombre hair and so many ombre nail art designs, somebody had to come with Ombre French nails too. Use a makeup sponge and a beige nail polish to achieve this look. It is simple and yet, oh so classy!

French Manicure Nail Designs

Source: coolnaildesign.org

4. Bow Them Out!

Bows and a French manicure- Again a classic combination that everyone loves. And what’s more, if you have a nail art pen, it is way too easy to draw those bows. Use a light pink nail polish as a base coat and paint the nail tips with white. Now add stick-on bows or just draw some cute little bows. Perfect for a date night!


White Tip Nail Art Ideas

Source: cuded.com

5. Lacy Love

If lace is what you crave, then this intricately made design is just for you. Simply have those white tips on and then use a nail art pen to carve some lacy designs on to your tips. You can either have them on all your tips or on alternate nails depending on your preference and choice.

French Tip Nail Art Design

Source: inkyournail.com

Take a look at another (slightly difficult) lace design for your nails:

French Tip Nail Art

Source: cuded.com

7. Just Like The Sea

If you want to experiment with colours, then this French manicure is for you. Instead of having bare nails, you paint the nails in the blue of your choice. We will be using a sea green colour here. The sea green makes the base coat. Paint the tips with white and instead of a straight line; make little triangles on the white tips. Now use a black colour nail polish and put some dots on it. It makes a wonderful and cool nail art design.

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White Tip Nail Art Designs

Source: cuded.com

8. Simple Acrylic White Tip

If you don’t want anything flashy, try simple acrylic white tip nail designs which are not only easy to do but also look quite elegant.

White Tip Nail Designs

Source: wordpress.com

9. The Classic Black And White

The classic black and white french tip nail designs are everyone’s favorite and there is no dearth of options.

French Manicure Nail Art

Source: ebayimg.com

10. Animal Prints

Animal prints are one of the most ideal white french tip nail design and also one of the easiest. Be it a zebra print or a cheetah print, a few strokes of the prints in your favorite colors and you are set.

French Nail Designs 2016

Source: aurabeautylounge.in

11. Flower Power

Here is a cute white tip nail design for you to try out. The combination of white and blue looks quite pleasing and the flower print just adds to the charm.

Gorgeous French Tip Nail Designs

Source: zarias.com

12. Bling Factor

A simple white tip nail art can be made stunning by just adding few rhinestones.

French Manicure Nail Art Designs

Source: zarias.com

13. Starry Night

This starry gel nail white tip design looks simple yet classy. Let your white nail tips shine as bright as those stars.

White French Tip Nailart

Source: zarias.com

14. Cartoons It Is

Who doesn’t love cartoons? So get your creative juices flowing and paint your nails with cute white tip nail designs and show off your favorite cartoon character.

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White French Tip Nails

Source: zarias.com

15. White And Red

Love is in the air and also on your white nail tip designs. Paint each nail with a different design using a red nail paint. You can choose your options from hearts to stripes to polka dots or a combination of all three.

French Tip Nail Designs

Source: designtrends.com

16. A Splash Of Sparkle

All that glitters is not just gold but also your nails. Here is a white tip nail idea if you want some magic to sparkle on your fingernails. Make sure to keep it simple and pretty.

Ideas Of French manicure

Source: askideas.com

So there you go! Some amazing nail art designs for a French Manicure lover.

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