7 Most Amazing Manicure Hacks Every Girl Needs To Try Out Soon!

Manicure Hacks

We love our nail art and we love well-manicured nails. It is a sign of good grooming and hygiene too, which is why manicure hacks are a must to know. Now don’t just rush to the nail art studio to get a filling or new nails done, wait and watch these seven amazing manicure hacks, which will save you your costly studio trips and help with nail art too. Take a look!

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7 Amazing Manicure Hacks


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1. What To Do When A Peel Off Happens?

If you’ve just got your nails manicured and because of something a little peeled off, its sad. Now don’t let that dampen your bright day, when you have spangles to refresh it all. Apply a little spangles on the tip of the nails and the issue is solved. Spangles can also be applied to hide re-growths too. Available in various sizes and shapes, spangles make it very interesting to use as nail art. Apply large pieces with the help of a toothpick which makes the nail look neat.

Manicure Tips

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2. Form Drops On The Peeled Off Areas

If spangles aren’t your thing, you could try droplets. Droplets in the nail art domain are haute trends these days and they are an impressive way to make matte nails look chic and shiny too. There is plenty of fluidity and volume to play with as well. The naturalness of the drops makes it trendy, and especially when you wear them in various sizes. This also is a way to make the nails look very dewy. Don’t you just love this amongst the many nail hacks for perfect manicure?

Nail Tips

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3. Use Newspaper

An old newspaper piece would do. If the nail art is peeled off and you don’t have the time to get it restored. First apply a thin coat of clear polish to the nails, and over it place a small piece of clean newspaper. You then must apply another coat of invisible polish to set the look. Wait for a while for it to dry and then flaunt your new manicured nails again. Simple, wasn’t it?

Nail Painting Hacks

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4. Scotch Tape For The French Touch

French manicures are the hottest ever popular trend most PYTs want. However to get the tip of the nail smothered in matte white or any dark shade or light shade you want, is a challenge. Let’s beat that challenge with a scotch tape this time. A thin sheet of scotch tape should be used from the base of the nail till the 3/4 th portion of the nail tip. The area exposed should be painted and then varnished with a nail enamel paint. Remove the tape once the nail tip is dry.

Nail Painting Hack

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5. Perforated Plaster

You can also use tiny pieces of perforated plaster, found easily in beauty stores and chemists for nail art and manicure. First apply a thin coat of clear polish to the nails, and over it place a small piece of clean perforated plaster tape in various colors. You then must apply another coat of invisible polish to set the look. Wait for a while for it to dry and then flaunt your new manicured nails again. And that’s how you make a fashion statement!

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Nail Hacks For Manicure

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6. Meshes

With the help of wisps and meshes, you can create meshy nail art for your nails and have the perfect manicure done. Apply a thin coat as base to set the scene on your nails first. Now with the help of a mesh placed on the thin coat, apply a dark color on the mesh wire. Allow the same to set in and then dry. Once it is dry, gently remove the mesh. You would have your design ready.

Nail Polish Hacks

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7. Sponge

Dab a piece of sponge with a rainbow of colors and then apply it on your nails, which already has a base coat installed on it. Wait for the dabbed colors to set onto the nails, and then go ahead and place your invisible coat to set the look.

Nail Hacks

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We hope these seven manicure tips and nail painting hacks came in handy. Do let us know your secrets on nail tips too!

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