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Cheetah Print Nails For The Woman Of Fiery Personality

by Fashionlady
Cheetah Nail Art for women

Cheetah print nail art for women

Nothing like a good manicure to spend a boring Sunday afternoon. Trust me, I am speaking from experience. What’s better? Some creative and artistic nail art. Nail art is never getting older. And we are never too old for nail art either. So why not give a shot to it. Today’s mood is fierce, so let’s get that fiery side of our personality out. Get that severe mood onto our nails, yes, that seems like a great idea. How about a cheetah nail art to scare the Monday blues away? Perfect. Animal Print will anyway never get out of style, and cheetah print is an immortal thing, it is a thing of the illuminati.

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Imagine a full hand of cheetah print nails. I am just loving the idea. All you need is some yellow, some orange, some black and some brown nail paints. Tell me which girl doesn’t own a bottle of these already. And yes, don’t forget to steal some paint brushes from your little brother’s art drawer. If he acts up, those cheetah nails will scare him away.

Cheetah Nail Art for Girl

To give the nail art a little kick, instead of nudes or yellows, you may want to try out golden as your base. Cheetah nail designs will catch all the attention when glowering in gold.

Cheetah nail designs

A hint of sparkle can also be added by accentuating your cheetah print manicure with sequins, studs and fake gems. They make for perfect manicures of a late night Saturday party.

Cheetah print manicure

But sticking to the norm is never a fond practice among the lovers of nail art, don’t we just love to explore thing? Why sticking to the natural cheetah colors when we have a palette to play with. Get creative girls, paint a rainbow cheetah on your nails.

Natural cheetah colors

If you are in a mood to invest some time, why not mix and match the cheetah nail art with other forms of nail art? You may try a half cheetah- half regular do. You don’t have to stick to the conventional colors one associates with the animal. Just use your wild imagination and that would be wild enough.


Cheetah nail art with other forms of nail art

Ever thought of trying cheetah print as a form of French manicure. There is hardly anything as modish as this one. Grow some crazy long nails, leaving the body of the nails bare, play with the nail paint and brush to create an illusion of the animal only on the extended portion of your nails.

Cheetah French manicure

Though there are a zillion colors of nail paints available, I would recommend wearing the colors red, white and green, even on your nails for the approaching holiday season. Yes these Christmas hues look equally gorgeous in animal prints on your hands.  Holiday nails are my favorites.

Holiday nails are my favorites.

Carrying a purse boasting some wrathful cheetah print wouldn’t fail you either. You may pick one for work or one for evenings, they will round up well, if you carry them in the crook of your arm and flash some cheetah print acrylic nails to make a long lasting impression.

Cheetah print Accessories

It is also a good idea to match leopard print nails to leopard print shoes. Now you pat pick boots, or high heels, or sneakers or pumps, but the combination would always get you some brownie points.

Cheetah print footwear

But again, don’t go overboard with animal print as excess of everything kills the mood. When kept within amiable limits, cheetah print nails are the epitome of high street fashion. Here are a few fun ways of wearing it on the nails with twist.

Cheetah print nail art
Having said that, we must also say that we do not condone any harm or cruelty on animals. It breaks our heart to see how some fashion houses practice cruelty on animals for their mean motives. We at FashionLady, believe that no beauty can be birthed by inflicting pain on innocent animals. So we are only going to use colors to wear the cheetah print on our nails, won’t you all too?

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