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The Skinny Girl’s Guide to Looking Voluptuous

by Fashionlady
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Fashion for the Voluptuous
While the world seems to be obsessed with exercising and doing crash diets in desperate hopes of losing weight, there is one section of people who are desperately trying to put on weight. Yes, there are people out there, women in particular, who feel that they are too thin and need to put on some weight to get a more voluptuous figure. While they are looked at with envy by their more curvy counterparts, the fact is that it is not always such a blessing being a skinny girl.

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Ask a skinny girl and chances are that she has tried everything from binge eating fatty foods to hogging tubs of ice cream in order to put on weight. But just like how some women just can’t seem to lose weight no matter how hard they try, some skinny women just cannot put on weight despite all their efforts. If you are one such skinny girl who longs for a curvy figure, then all we have to say to you is ‘’fake it till you make it gal!’’. That’s right, you can fake having a curvier figure by following some of our clever tips.

Wear Clothes That Add Volume

Of course the quickest and easiest way to create an illusion of curves is to wear clothes that add volume to your figure. A line skirts, skirts and dresses with a lot of frills and pleats and layered tops are all great options to add some much needed volume to your figure.

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Show off Your Assets

If you’re a skinny girl, then you need to first analyse and figure out your assets. If you have a narrow waist, then make it a point to show it off by cinching your waist with a belt. Most women would love to have a narrow waist, so why not be the object of their envy? Show off your assets and take attention away from your problem areas. For instance, if you feel your legs are too thin, then cinch your narrow waist with a wide belt and cover up your skinny lags with a full skirt.

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Fashion For A Voluptuous Figured Woman

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Embrace Pastels

While heavyset women are advised to wear dark colours and steer clear of pastels, you need to do the exact opposite. Wear a lot of pastels and avoid dark colours that will do nothing for your slim frame.


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Determine Which Trends Work For You

Just because skinny fit jeans are in trend does not mean you have to wear them. Take your time to determine if a particular trend works for your body type. If you think your legs are too skinny, then opt for straight cut or boot leg jeans over skinny fit ones. Knowing what works and does not work for your body is the most crucial step in achieving a more flattering figure.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans

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Opt For Horizontal Stripes over Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes create an illusion of a more slender frame. But since your aim is to create an illusion of a more voluptuous figure, opt for horizontal frame. They add more volume to your figure and will help make you look curvier than you actually are.

How To Wear Stripes

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Be Dramatic

The best part about being skinny is that you can try out dramatic styles without having to worry about whether they make you look fat. So dresses with frills and flounces and tops with balloon sleeves or puffed sleeves are all styles that you can embrace without any qualms.

skinny Red Carpet Dress Looking Voluptuous

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The phrase “The grass is always greener on the other side’’ is so true; curvy women seem to envy skinny women while skinny women long for a more curvy figure. Instead of pining over what you do not have, how about embracing your figure and making the best out of it. We hope this guide has helped you figure out how to turn your skinny frame into a more voluptuous one.

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