Every Girl Should Know These Clothing Tips and Tricks


Every Girl Should Know These Clothing Tips and Tricks
‘Clothes Maketh a Man’, goes a famous adage. True enough, what we wear can make a world of a difference in how we perceive ourselves and how the world looks at us. But every now and then, you will need a few special tricks up your sleeve which will help you navigate the world of fashion smoothly. Here are some hacks every girl should keep handy in her black book:

1. Conceal The Conspicuous Bra Strap

Nothing spoils the look of a gorgeous dress or a top more than a bra strap. But don’t worry! The simple paper clip can come to your rescue. Simply take the bra straps together and fasten them on the back side with the paper clip. Those bra straps will not see the light of the day!

Conceal The Conspicuous Bra Strap
Source: buzzfed.com

2. Necklace For Different Necklines

You have tons of necklaces, but you never know how to team them up with your necklines! A statement neckpiece can really make or break your outfit. Refer the handy image to know what to team up with various necklines.

Necklace For Different Necklines
Source: listotic.com

3. Jazz Up Your Old Jeans

Getting tired of your faded and old, blue jeans? Did you know you can spice up your faithful denims with lace? Add some lace to your jeans bottoms and transform them for a classy look.

Jazz Up Your Old Jeans
Source: buzzfed.com

4. Transform Old, Boring Clothes

Tired of your scraggly, old sweater? Why not repurpose them? It’s the age of recycling and reusing, so instead of throwing away that scratchy sweater, you can give it a new lease at life by turning it into a boot warmer. Not only will it jazz up your boots, it will also keep you warm!

Transform Old Boring Clothes
Source: listotic.com

5. Get Rid of Chewing Gum from Jeans

So, the inevitable has happened! Your favorite pair of jeans now has an extra accessory-A stubborn piece of chewing gum! But don’t fret; there is a secret way to remove that vile item! You can find the secret ingredient right in your refrigerator! Yes, ice can come to your rescue. Simply rub the ice to cool the gum as much as possible and when it hardens, simply scrape it off.


Get Rid of Chewing Gum from Jeans
Source: listotic.com

6. Revive your Leather Boots

Leather boots are an all-time favorite. But with time, they lose their sheen and glamour. Gentle moisturizing soap and water can do the trick. You simply spray some on your boots and wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth and watch them shine anew!

Revive your Leather Boots
Source: stylecracker.com

7. Stocking Searcher

If you’ve lost your favorite earrings on the floor, don’t worry, there is an ingenious way to find them in a jiffy. You can put a pair of stockings or nylons over the vacuum cleaner hose and voila! Your earrings will stick right onto the stockings!

Stocking Searcher
Source: kidspot.com.au

8. Straightening creases like a boss

You dress up for your date, but what’s this? Your collar is a different story altogether! So, what do you do when you are short of time, but you have to iron your collar? Your straightener can come to your rescue. Glide it over your creased collar and your good to go!

Straightening creases like a boss
Source: amazonaws.com

9. Wine, Wine go away

Wine stains are stubborn and bane to your clothes. But did you know that white wine can wipe off red wine stains? Try it and watch your stain disappear!

Wine- Wine go away
Source: tqn.com

10. Wipe away wrinkles

Wrinkles are such a pain, especially if you are getting ready for a long journey. When travelling, prevent your clothes from wrinkling by folding all the clothes and putting them in plastic dry-cleaning bags. The airtight bags help to keep the clothes wrinkle-free.


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