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Long Live The Beautiful Bra: Tips And Advise To Take Care of Your Bra

by Fashionlady
Long Live The Beautiful Bra

Long Live The Beautiful Bra
You aren’t the only one wondering how to care for your favourite sexy bra – to keep them feeling anew always – a sneaky suspicion here; were we ever doing it right? We know for sure that we weren’t; there wasn’t anyone to advise or guide.

Let go of those shy questions, learn the right way right here on how to keep your favourite bra in good stead – long live the bra!

Washing and caring

Proper bra care is a must; helps the bra last longer and while doing so, do not forget the following;

  1. Wash them by hand – dryers are suicide invitations
  2. Use detergents that have no harsh chemicals, scents or alcohol in them
  3. Hang and dry your bra
  4. After 3 wears, washing your bra is a must
  5. The key is to be very gentle when laundering the bra
  6. Have a bra wardrobe at home- helps rotate the frequency of wearing a pair
  7. Replace bras after 6-9 months; especially when the elastic or the wires wear out!
Washing and caring

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Hand-washing your bra

Here are a few steps for the safest method of washing your bra – a hand wash.

  1. Use similar colour bras to wash – whites with whites, coloured bras with coloured ones ONLY.
  2. Use lukewarm water to which alcohol free detergents (hand-wash one) are added.
  3.  Soak for an hour
  4. Rub gently to remove the dirt
  5. Rinse in cold water until clear
  6. To remove the excess water from the washed bra, place it in between two clean towels and press gently
  7. Hang in dry shade
Hand washing your bra

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Machine wash

While washing in a machine, your bras should be kept in a lingerie bag or a mesh – helps them stay fresh. Here’s how to wash bras in a machine;

  1. Hook the bra backs together
  2. Place the bra in the mesh or lingerie bag
  3. Use a ‘delicate cycle’ to wash
  4. Cool water with the right detergent
  5. Reshaping the cups should be done by your own bare hands, post a wash – it wouldn’t stretch or string the bras
  6. Hang to dry – NO DRYERS!
Machine wash

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The buck doesn’t stop rolling here. We all know that bras are made from various materials – if you’ve been a fan of Victoria Secret, you’d know the range – silks, cottons, sheer lace and more; hence, intense care needs to be taken and given per material choice the bra is made from. Here’s what you should do!

bra blog

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Care for bras made from cotton:

Cotton can handle the heat and bras made from cotton can be washed with chlorine bleach for the whiteness effect too. If the bra is made of cotton and dyed; colour-safe bleach can be used. Cotton bras can be ironed, dried by hanging, machine washed across all temperature waters and more.

Care for bras made from cotton

Source: womanspersonalhealth.com

Care for bras made from Acrylic, Nylon or Polyester

Microfiber bras can be washed in the machine. Bras made from polyester, nylon, acrylic and other microfibers can be washed in cold to warm temperatures. If you wish to tumble dry bras made from such materials – do so without a hitch.


Care for bras made from Acrylic Nylon or Polyester

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Care for bras made from Rayon

Professional cleaners should be summoned to clean and wash bras made from Rayon. Should you wish to wash them at home – cold water ONLY!

Care for bras made from Rayon

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Care for bras made from Silk

Professional dry-cleaning for bras made of Silk ONLY – should you want to wash them at home, avoid chlorine bleach and only use cold water.

We hope you now would take better care of your bras, since we’ve given you the secrets to managing them all. If you spend a bomb on designer wear care; why ignore what you wear beneath; after all, they are your truest friends – your genuine support system!

Cup Bra With Ribbon Trim

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