Treggings – The ‘Legging’ Craze

Fashion Treggings
The world of fashion keeps buzzing with new vocabulary each day. There is a ‘flatform’ which stands for flat platforms heels that women wear. And ‘sunnies’ means sunglasses. ‘Frow’ happens to be the front row of a fashion show and hello what about ‘Treggings’?

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Treggings is a mix or hybrid of ‘leggings’ (which means jean leggings) and ‘trousers’ (which means pants). They are very much form fitting when it comes to the legs and thighs region and are also referred to as ‘tight pants’ or ‘trouser leggings’.

What are Treggings made of?

Confusing they might sound, but Treggings don’t feel the same when it comes to wearing them. In fact, they fit as a fiddle.

Treggings are made of opaque looking elastic stretchable fabric. Such is its look that it resembles other fabric materials such as corduroy, leather, wool, vinyl etc. They can be worn as smart and edgy pants to office. You can tag along a tailored jacket with it. Basically, they look like trousers carrying a fit and shape of leggings. Sleek and well-tailored, treggings are a great outfit for work and gives you lasting comfort all day long.



The Comfort factor of Treggings

Treggings fit in snugly on the female body. Since they are well-fitting in shape they don’t hinder any kind of movement or flexibility. They don’t crumple up, thereby creating a unique comfort zone.

When it comes to wearability, you can wear treggings for recreation, sport, formal brunch as well as evening dos.

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Comfort factor of Treggings


What makes a tregging look slender and comfortable is its fabric which is thicker than a legging. This makes the pull-effect of tregging more prominent and slimmer. Tregging is perfect fashion diet for those who prefer to wear chic looking comfortable lowers.

When did Treggings come about?

The first treggings were made from elastic shiny fabrics and leather. It was in the year 2010 that it was worn by Vogue models which had decorative elements on it in the form of cuts and embroidery.

Though they have been found in several fashion collections over the past few years, they made their first appearance in the Fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection put up by French fashion brand Balmain. Later on, it was because of H&M’s collection that used treggings, when the relatively cheaper versions of it started occupying shelf space.

Treggings customer reviews


How to go about wearing Treggings?

Duck your old pairs of jeans and start wearing treggings. They can be paired with a short kurti and stole. Here are some tips to styling them right whenever you plan to go for an occasion or invitation:

  • If you have plump thighs which make you feel low and insecure, it is advisable to pair treggings with longer tops. This will hide away the fat quotient of your thighs and you can walk around with confidence.
  • Try and invest in seamless innerwear too. Whenever you are wearing a tregging, the fitting nature of the lowers can get to be a bit revealing. So try and go for panty liners.
  • It is important to bring a sense of fluidity to your fitted look when you are wearing treggings. You can achieve that by wearing flowy tops and jackets.
  • Try to get your longer treggings altered. Just fold them at the angle region, like the way we do with churidaar leggings and it’s good to go.

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Tips for Your Leggings


So if you want to climb up the social ladder, do so by getting into the hot and chic looking treggings. By God, they are swoon-worthy!

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