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How to Dress up The Boring Leggings

by Fashionlady
Boring leggings

The boring leggings

So are you from the breed of traditional kurta pyjama or salwar suit? Don’t you feel an urge to experiment with your looks and attire? How often have you tried to be out of the groove and be a reference point when it comes to dressing?

Welcome to the world of crazy leggings. The new look code of looking athletic and slim. Leggings are all about making casual dress look cool and confident. If you are wondering how to wear leggings as pants, well, you can wear it blissfully to a sports tournament or a gym, for an evening out with friends or shopping date with your friends, family and colleagues.

Women boring leggings

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Leggings are not pants and thankfully they don’t make you look overdressed. They might be body hugging but that helps create a nice figure silhouette. Put on a good T-shirt and a nice pair of leggings in contrasting colours and patterns, and soon you will start to love yourself without looking a wee bit uncomfortable. Interestingly, leggings don’t have much room for wrinkles or creases. Now scroll down to catch a glimpse of fantabulous leggings and you are sure to look a diva.

Colourful Leggings

Yellows, oranges, blues, greens and maroons not only make good, tight and funky leggings, they are very much in demand. With summers hurting our comfort factor slip into these blue lagoons that have a blend of jungle effect and floral setting to make you look awesomely cool.

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Colourful leggings

Source: bigcommerce.com

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Printed Leggings

Step into the most vibrant pair of printed leggings with zig zag pattern that needs just a tee and bellies to complete the effortlessly cool look.

Dress up leggings

Source: uandme.biz

Metallic Pink Leggings

It’s colour power that will engage you the moment you take a look at it. Get into this stretchy metallic knit pair of legging that gives you durability in the garment.

Metallic pink leggings

Source: girlshue.com

Leopard Graffiti Doodle Print Leggings

The polyester and spandex made graffiti leggings help you stay in the fun and fashion race. And certainly you look so girly in them.

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Continue reading for more ideas on how to dress leggings.

Print leggings

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Yoga Leggings

The fitness freak in you can set the yoga floors look oh-so-cool, peaceful and a fashion statement when you flaunt your yoga leggings.

Pairing with leggings

Source: chicous.com

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With Long Shirts

So what if they are equivalent to tights, leggings can also be worn with long shirts. While wearing the same, make sure to wear a top that covers your hip line and goes up to mid thighs.

Women leggings

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How to Wear Leggings the Chic Way

Whenever you have made up your mind for leggings, go beyond the usual black colour. Try the versatile brown, dark navy and beige colours.

Avoid wearing shiny fabrics and cropped leggings since they end up making the legs look shorter. If you want to wear leggings with dresses such as tunics or long shirts, opt for thicker looking fabrics.

Make your legs look longer. This can be done when you wear heels or wedges. By all means, try and avoid flat boots as they can make you look short.

How to wear leggings

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Keep your top – tank top or tee simple enough. Go for solid colours and different silhouette patterns as they will bring a nice complementary effect to the stark boldness of your legging pants. Hope this article on how to dress leggings was fun.

Since now is the season to slip into comfortable, hip, sporty and fun leggings, make sure to chose the right fabric, colour and style. Till then, XOXO!

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