Tips On How to Use Hair Dryer The Right Way


how to use hair dryer
At times, we really don’t have the time to wait for the sun to dry our hair or the wind to remove the dampness. Rushing off to work or to college early every morning, and looking your best sans the damp wet hair look seems to be a challenge for many. We agree, the wet hair look is sexy and there are a couple of hairstyles for wet hair, but for work or study, you wouldn’t want to have that look around! This is why, we resort to using the good old blow dryer. But did you know, the blow-drying effects from a machine can actually strip away the natural oils of the hair, and make the hair follicles weak over time! Prevention is the key here, so if you have to use the hair dryer, do it the right way!

Make the right investment

By this we mean, looking out and purchasing the right hair dryer, one that is from a reputed brand and that would keep up with the quality of your hair. The hair dryer should have features in-built to pamper the hair using temperature controls. Instead of just buying a hair dryer that works on settings such as hot, warm and cool, or a single setting, invest in one which comes with customised settings, attachments for straightening and curling, a nozzle that allows evenly air flow, a diffuser for the large space of hair and with recommendations on hair styles (a manual) too.

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Our recommendation: Revlon Fast Dry & Ultimate Shine Pro Styler

revlon hair dryer

The right temperature makes all the difference

Once again, by switching on the blow-dryer and using it to dry the hair, your job doesn’t end there. What you need to understand is the settings and the controls of the dryer, which would add volume and a dance to the tresses, or else your hair would be dry and shabby over all!

Use a live-on or a leave-in conditioner

The hair needs to dry for sure, however, imagine using a hot press over your skin before you indulge in a spa treatment; the same would be felt by the hair and the scalp when the hot air blows over it. Be kind and gentle with your hair; use a high-end leave-on conditioner which wouldn’t allow the hot stream of air to rip the natural oils, no more tangles and knots to deal with, and the hair retains shine too!


Our recommendation: Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Leave In Conditioner

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Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Hydro Collagen

Steps on the right way to blow dry your hair

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  1. Do not comb your hair when wet, rather use your fingers to form partitions.
  2. At an angle of forty-five degrees at an arms length, hold the dryer to the head
  3. Start with the lowest temperature to begin with, so that the hair and skin acclimatize itself
  4. Blow dry for ten seconds across all partitions, ensuring the heat doesn’t touch the scalp
  5. Massage the scalp with your fingers for circulation to happen
  6. Once again and this time on a notch higher, blow dry from an arms length for ten seconds
  7. Touch and feel your hair. If it seems warm to hot, stop right there
  8. Allow the hair to cool by massaging your fingers into the manes
  9. Use a gentle brush with soft bristles to comb and style
  10. Spray the leave on conditioner and pat with the fingers to set the look!
Proper Blow Drying

Well, it’s time to leave behind those bad hair habits. We hope this information on using the hair-dryer to blow dry your hair the right way makes good reading sense to you. If you didn’t know what the damages could be with a hair dryer, your stylist would enlighten you on the same. And now that you know it all, ensure not making the same errors again!


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