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Bad Hair Habits – Do Not Do These Things To Your Hair

by Fashionlady
Bad Hair Habits

Bad Hair Habits
We girls are extremely possessive about our hair. Whether it is taking care of the strands or styling them the best possible way, we truly leave no stone un-turned to make our locks look gorgeous. But do we really do all things good to our tresses? Surprisingly, ‘no’. Almost all of us have some bad hair habits that make us mistreat our locks involuntarily.

Today, let us talk about what causes damaged hair, and things that we should not do to our hair for the sake of its health:

1. Brushing Hair Randomly

This is one of the major ways you’re damaging your hair. Okay, so you are in hurry and you just can’t ‘waste’ much time brushing your hair. We get it. But, it doesn’t really mean that you can rip out your strands and damage them like anything else, right? So, take your time and brush your hair gently. Start from the bottom and detangle slowly as you work your way up. While a 100 strokes of brushing are not that necessary, you must stay away from bad brushing in order to avoid hair breakage, split ends and excessive hair fall.

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Brushing Hair Randomly


2. Using Dirty Combs / Brushes

Healthy hair needs healthy hair tools. If you are one who pays least attention to her hair combs and brushes, you are definitely doing it wrong. Just have a look at them. Don’t they look gross and grungy? Well, these are nothing but dust, dirt, oil, sweat, leftover hair, and the residues of your styling products that have caused build-ups on your tools. If you do not clean them frequently, they will develop bacteria and you will end up damaging your scalp as well as tresses. Hence, make sure that you clean your hair brushes each month with baking soda solution or a good clarifying shampoo. Using dirty combs/brushes is one of the many causes of hair damage.

Using Dirty Combs  Brushes

source: evewoman.co.ke

3. Washing Hair Too Much

The first thing that should pop up in your mind is that are you washing your hair the right way? Many of us believe that shampooing hair on a daily basis is the only way to keep the scalp dirt and oil-free. But while keeping hair clean is a necessary, over-washing can be harmful for its health. If you wash your hair every day, the shafts will gradually lose their natural oil content. It will increase the production of oil in your scalp, thereby leading to a greasy scalp. So, you must limit your hair wash to thrice a week or so if you are really looking to how to stop hair fall.

Washing Hair Too Much

source: scbeautyhigh.com

4. Combing Totally Wet Hair


Do you really think that combing hair right after taking a shower can make it frizz-free and super straight? Oh, come on! You are simply ruining your tresses this way! Post-shower, our hair strands swell up considerably, which makes them weaker and breakage-prone. If you tug your comb through those wet hair shafts, they will get even more tangled and cause you extreme hair fall. It is always recommended that you either air-dry your hair (partially or completely) before combing or make use of a wide-toothed comb.

Combing Totally Wet Hair

source: luvforhair.com

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5. Applying Too Many Products

Your beauty bag is loaded with different types of hair products and you just can’t help using them every single day! Please, don’t do it. Though it is perfectly okay to tame your frizzes with a serum or get the desired hold for your curls with a spray, loading your hair up with unnecessary products is an absolute ‘no-no’. It will build-up residue on your scalp, causing infection and make your hair look weighed down too. Therefore, stay away from using too many hair care and styling products.

Applying Too Many Products

source: smh.com

6. Undergoing Heat Treatments

You may consider heat styling tools as your best friend, but they are actually taking a toll on your tresses. From a blow dryer to a curling iron to a flat iron, they all help you style your hair the way you wish. But the heat emitted from these devices is known to affect the internal structure of our hair shafts causing severe damages. Hence, it is important that you go for these heat treatments as less as possible.

Undergoing Heat Treatments

source: Treating Hair Chemically

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It’s better late than never. What do you say?

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