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Top Reasons of Body Odour – What’s That Smell?

by Fashionlady
Top Reasons of Body Odour

Top Reasons of Body Odour
If you don’t have a bath, you stink. Yes, that’s one reason why body odour can happen, and when in public if the whiff hits other nostrils around; you’d be damned and embarrassed for sure. Stress too can cause body odour- heavy schedules, deadlines, layoffs and more. When your breath rate spikes, your hands turns damp and sweaty. Where do you wipe them, on your jeans or trousers of course! Anxiety is to be blamed as well; it releases cortisol or the stress hormone which makes the body sweat. Excessive sweating isn’t the reason your body stinks, bacteria and sweat together on the skin makes the bad smells appear! But fret not! There are many simple ways to deal with excessive sweating.

Below are some of the reasons on What Causes Body Odor

Check your blood sugar?

What’s the connection you ask? The ‘fruity odour’ you dislike on a persons body is because of a rise in blood sugar. Hypoglycaemia can be the reason for the body to stink, and fruity here isn’t a pleasant term. The smell isn’t a turn on for sure (unless it is a fetish). Blood sugar swings at either extremes can lead to injuries and be fatal too, so if the body odour is too strong, check with your doctor.

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Check your blood sugar

Source: ipage.com

Medicines and pills

One of the main body odour causes is medicines and pills. If you have been under medication too strong and for long, there are side-effects that would give rise to body odour. Birth control pills (some of them) for example make the mouth go all dry, and this means a potential build-up for sulphur in the mouth. Rotten-egg smell is always associated with sulphur; there you go! Before you pop in that anti-depressant or diet pill, be wary of the consequences.

Medicines and pills

Source: compoundchem.com

Poop issues

Catch-22 here, since too much of fibre in the body can make the stinky gas within grow large. And on the contrary, too little would lead you to constipation. Constipation leads to flatulence and body odour too. Toxins release themselves through ‘seep pores’, and hence the ‘fecal body stink’ comes through.


Poop issues

Source: mnn.com

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You smell like the foods you ate

Curries and sauces, yummy as hell and who wouldn’t want a plate or two of the chicken gravy? But onions and garlic or spices used in them can make the body odour utterly disgusting to bear. French fries too and anything oily or baked can turn rancid and cause indigestion issues, leading to bad body odour.

You smell like the foods you ate

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Blame it on the Deos

Believe it or not, deodorants that are meant to make us smell good could be a reason for bad body odour too. It is because of the ingredients in them that the body sprays and washes, antiperspirants and deos can cause the stinky bacteria to grow. The best natural home remedy for treating body odor then would be to bathe in plain water with lime juice added. The acid in limes would help kill the bacteria!

Blame it on the Deos

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These were 5 main reasons why you could be smelly and stinky. Don’t get tagged ‘smelly cat’ by your family and friends, speak to your doctor today in order to get rid of bad body odour. You could be suffering from UTI infections (female) or Yeast problems (female and male).

Disclaimer: The information given here is through research only, please consider your doctors words over what’s written here and anywhere online as the final!

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