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5 Simple DIY Remedies How To Get Rid Of Dry Hair Issues

by Fashionlady
home remedies for dry hair

how to get rid of dry hair

Before we tell you more on how to get rid of dry hair, we would want to know the following-

  1. Do you sleep well and enough?
  2. Do you drink enough of water?
  3. What about your diet? Are you eating healthy?
  4. Is there enough of peace in your life- stress leads to hair fall and can mar the reputation of your hair too, and
  5. Do you have a regular hair care regime or not?

In most cases, you would have answered one or two of the questions with a positive affirmation, whilst shying out on the rest- those could be reasons enough why today you want a recipe on how to get rid of dry hair. Keeping that in mind, learning about how to get rid of dry hair using DIY remedies would be the best thing to do. You could also think of using professional products as well, which work faster. However, to stay safe and since we need to also check the scalp condition too (another reason why you have dry hair).

Home Remedies For Dry Hair

we would like to share with you a few home remedies for dry hair.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Home Spa

For this recipe you would need a cup of apple cider vinegar, a cup of water, a cup of green apple paste, a tablespoon of honey and an egg white. Begin with rinsing your hair and your scalp with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water (1:1). Emulsify the hair and do the same in sections. Use your fingers and gently massage the strands and the scalp. Wait for ten minutes and then apply the white of an egg and the green apple paste mix. Apply from the scalp so that the juices of the apple and the collagen and protein of the egg sinks into the hair follicles and the medulla, the scalp too. Cover the hair with a shower cap and wait for half an hour. Remove the shower cap and give the first wash with apple cider vinegar, thereafter using running cold water to rinse out the hair. To remove the apple remnants once the hair is washed, you must blow dry the hair for five seconds. Use a wide toothed comb and detangle any knots. Pat dry the hair and watch the bounce and shine!

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dry hair home remedies

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2. Baking Soda And Tea Tree Oil

Create your own emulsifying shampoo with three drops of tea tree oil, added to half a cup of baking soda. Mix the two very well and form into a semi-liquidish paste. Apply the paste from the scalp to the tip of the hair, using your fingers to massage the hair sections and the stands. Wait for ten minutes and then wash off with a mild herbal shampoo or shikakai based shampoo. Pat dry and wait before using a comb for the bounce and the shine. This would help maintain the pH level and the oil balance in the hair, and also keep the hair strong and safe- no more dry, brittle hair or build-ups on the scalp to deal with.

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3. Olive Oil And Honey Spa

We love the word spa, which means to rejuvenate and bring back life to the hair. For this recipe we would want a cup of olive oil and half a cup of honey. Mix the two and let is set for half an hour. Apply the mix onto the hair and the scalp, using clockwise motions to rub it in and then anti-clockwise motions to help with blood circulation. Gently tug each hair partition with the finger for a vibrating effect, massaging the nape of the neck to enhance blood flow and the natural oils to surface. Wash off under cold water and pat dry later on. One of the best and easiest spa or hair treatment for dry hair!

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4. Banana And Honey And Eggs

Grab one large banana, to which one egg white is added and a tablespoon of honey too. In a blender, get the three ingredients mixed well until a thick froth is formed. Now apply the paste on your hair and the scalp and wait for half an hour or until the mix is absolutely dry. Wash off with cold water and then pat dry. Your hair would be happy with a bounce, and so would you.


Ways To Get Rid of Dry Hair

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5. Avocado And Honey And Coconut Milk

Coconut milk (a cup), avocado (half a cup of its paste) and honey (three tablespoons)- mix them into a smooth paste and apply the same from the scalp to the tip of the hair. Keep the mix on for half an hour or until the hair mask dries- wash off with warm water and turban the hair for ten minutes to lock the moisture in. Your hair would shine and bounce in a month.

Best Ways to get rid of dry hair

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Please note, each of the recipes here would be an answer to what to do for dull hair or dry hair, should you use them thrice a week or twice a week- a month later the hair would be healthier than what it is now.

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