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Hairstyles For Bad-Hair-Days

by Fashionlady
Bad Hair Days hairstyles


Admit it, girls. Most of us don’t have enough time to wash our hair every day. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to take good care of our locks, nor it concludes that we are bored of styling them. Rather, this time crunch makes us realize that we can actually pull off quite a lot of exciting styles on dirty unwashed hair. Yes, we have sorted them out for you. Want to take a look?

Here we go:

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A. Tale of Ponytails

A sporty messy ponytail is always in vogue. And guess what? It can easily give you a perfect go-to look even on unwashed hair.

Simple Pretty Pony

Wear it like JLo. Slightly teased crown, a sleek pony at the center of the back of the head and a few side bangs framing the face perfectly. Voila! You are ready to kill with your chic, sporty look.


Source: thefashionobsession.com

Low Wavy Side Pony

A long, wavy ponytail can always keep the greasiness of your dirty hair out of sight. Start with side parting and make the pony at the nape of your neck on the other side. The loose strands around the face have completed the look.

Side Pony

Source: itsrudetostare.com

High Pony with Side-Swept Bang

You can create a part from ear to ear and make a high pony by pulling your hair up to the crown. The front hair can be swept to one side for added style. Looking fresh like a college girl, eh?

High Pony Hairstyle

Source: prettydesigns.com

Hair-Wrapped Low Pony

Forget bad hair day. Here is a sassy low pony for you that can amp up your style quotient immediately. And also don’t overlook the section of hair wrapped around the base of the pony.

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Bad Hair Days

Source: sheknows.com

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B. Chic Braided Fantasy

When it comes to styling greasy unwashed hair, nothing can be more gorgeous than a loose messy braid. So, go plaiting your locks the following ways:

Loose Casual Side Braid

Part your long waves to one side and braid them up, starting right at the nape. Keep it loose and slightly messy for a naturally beautiful look.

Side Braid hairstyles

Source: fashionisers.com

Chunky Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid looks amazingly beautiful on slightly oily hair. But wondering how to get so much volume? It is nothing but the magic of dry shampoo. Totally wearable, what say?

Fishtail for bad hair days

Source: pinimg.com

Cool French Braid

If fishtail braid seems too tough for you, opt for this cool and classic French braid. Those tightly plaited sections of hair will not only hide greasiness, but will also give you a neat look.

French Braid

Source: pinterest.com

Stylish Milkmaid Braid

Want to give your braid an edgy twist? Just wear it in milkmaid style and stand out easily from the crowd. Don’t worry. It’ll hide all flaws of your unwashed hair from the view instead of emphasizing them.

Braided bad hair days

Source: prettyhairisfun.com

C. Super Girly Up Dos

Updos are basically timeless classic that can give us a feminine boost anyday anytime. Should you stay away from these just because you have not washed your hair? Oh, come on!

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Sexy Curly Bun

Rolling your beautiful curls into a large flowery bun will make you look oh-so-sexy in minutes. Twist your hair in small sections, secure them with bobby pins at the back of the head and spritz a good amount of hairspray.

Buns for bad hair days

Source: /hairextensions-usa.com

Low Bun with Floral Headband

The appeal of an accessorized ‘do can never be ignored. Make a casual low bun at the nape of the neck and beautify it with an attractive floral headband. Wearing hat, barrette or veil can also distract the attention of people from your oily hair.

Low Bun Hairstyle

Source: pinterest.com

Flirty Side-Swept Chignon

This simple yet amazing chignon can alter the look of your unwashed hair in no time. You can start with a side parting, sweep all the waves to one side of the neck and finish by making a flirty loose bun kissing your shoulder.

Chignon Hairstyles

Source: fashionmio.com

Quick Smart Topknot

When you need some really quick styling ideas for your dirty hair, this smart topknot will come to your rescue for sure. You have to spend only 2 minutes for this super glam look. Can you believe it?

Topknot for bad hair

Source: prettydesigns.com


D. Crazy Twisted Twists

The best thing about twist is that it gives a nice shape to our hair, while making it appear highly trendy. And trying it on unwashed hair will give you even better hold.

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Easy Textured French Twist

Though a bit messy, this French twist can actually be created much faster and give you a modish look without much effort. Adding texture will help conceal the greasiness of your hair too.

Twists bad hair days

Source: twistmepretty.com

Double-Twisted Pony

This high ponytail with lovably twisted twin strands can be sported best on mildly dirty hair. Well, you have not failed to notice those two cute hair wraps at the base and end of the pony, right?

Double-Twisted Pony

Source: glamcheck.com

Elegant Twisted Updo

Finally, here is an ideal twisted hairstyle for unwashed and extremely oily hair. Wearing a headband and sprtizing a good-hold hairspray will help the twist stay in place for long. Elegantly styled, isn’t it?

Elegant Twisted hairstyle

Source: zestyfashion.com

Have you ever thought that styling unwashed hair is actually so easy? Forget washing your hair every day and try these hairdos to look elegant.
Keep styling!

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