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Trendy Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

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Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

When it comes to haircut, you always prefer to keep it neither too short nor too long. A short cute bob seems pretty boyish to you, while maintaining sleek waist-long mane appears to be an overwhelming task. Hence, you go for a medium shoulder-length cut each time and end up wondering how to style it the right way. Well, the choices of hairstyles for shoulder length hair are just endless.

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Let us give you 10 sizzling hot shoulder length haircut ideas

You can customize shoulder length haircut the way you wish, which makes this length the most versatile one.

1. Choppy Round Bob With Bang

Most of the shoulder length hairstyle ideas revolve around a medium bob of straight or layered structure. But this round bob with choppy inward layers is quite fashionable and pretty. Those thin slanted fringes scattered on front have made the look even more balanced. What say?

Shoulder length haircut

Source: pinterest.com

2. Pinned Back Soft Curls

If you have hair of shoulder-length, curl up the ends and let those soft subtle curls embrace your shoulders graciously. Now, take two small sections of hair from two sides of your head and pin them back to create a simple easy hairstyle. Moreover, you will need very little time for this. So whenever you are in a hurry, give this hairstyle a try.

Shoulder length hairstyle

Source: pinterest.com

3. Shaggy Layered Waves

Shags are all in vogue these days. But the shaggy layers shown here will go particularly well with shoulder length hairstyles for face shapes that are slightly in the longer side. Those random wispy layers will create an illusion of a wider facial structure. Also, don’t miss out the front bang covering one eye partially. Cool and sexy!

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Shoulder length hairstyle ideas

Source: pinterest.com

4. High Bun With Thick Front Bang

Don’t like the way your hair rest on your shoulders? Do the locks always cause trouble to you during those scorching summer days? Worry not. Just pull your mane high and turn it into a cute donut bun, while leaving a thick bang free on the forehead. The bun at the crown will look very stylish and the bang will just complement it perfectly.

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Shoulder length hairstyles for face shapes

Source: pinterest.com

5. Highlighted Bob With Side-Swept Bang

If you love to experiment with the length, color and style of your hair, this soft highlighted bob is absolutely the right thing for you. It is one of the most charming shoulder length hairstyles for round faces that add a new dimension to the overall appearance in minutes. In addition, the side-swept bang will give the round face a slightly angular form.

Shoulder length hairstyles for square faces

Source: pinterest.com

6. Braided Half Updo

Who says that updos are not for hair of medium length? This braided half updo shown in the following picture should be considered as one of the best hairstyles for shoulder length hair. All you need to do is create messy textured waves, braid up two thin sections of hair at both sides and pin them back to achieve a true girly look almost effortlessly.

Shoulder length hairstyles for round faces

Source: pinterest.com

8. Smart French Twist

French twist needs no introduction, right? It is smart, it is elegant, and above all, it can be worn on hair of any length and thickness. So if you want to learn a chic hairstyle for your daily office look or want to flaunt something eye-catching on a corporate event, twist your shoulder-length hair the French way.

Smart French Twist

Source: pinterest.com

9. Waves With Braided Headband

Want a shoulder length hairstyle that can make you look utterly gorgeous any time? Well, nothing can be better than a braided headband. For some added glory, create rippling waves on rest of your loose locks and you are all set for a date night or a casual party.

Waves With Braided Headband

Source: pinterest.com

10. Messy Side Low Chignon

A messy chignon oozes grace, style and splendor. There are not many shoulder length hairstyles for oval face shape that are as beautiful as a low side chignon. Start with beautiful waves, keep the whole thing a bit messy and add a dazzling headband to finish the look.

Messy Side Low Chignon

Source: pinterest.com

These were our top 10 favorite hairstyles for shoulder length hair. So next time, do not hesitate to get a wonderful haircut upto your shoulders. Trust me, styling it will not be an everyday fight anymore.

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