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Different Shade of Red Lipstick: Fifty Shades of Red!

by Fashionlady
Shade of Red Lipstick

Different Shade of Red Lipstick

What would you do if you have to pick one thing to completely transform and glam you up? The answer is: Red Lipstick! Red lipstick is the one makeup essential which can make you look sexy in a trice. It’s an instant attraction and if worn right, you can be a perfect bombshell. But here comes the tricky part, red has a million shades! Don’t go by the ‘fifty shades of red’ title because when it comes to red lipstick, a wrong shade can actually kill your look. So, let’s get started. We break down for you the sexiest to the most subtle colours that the red palette can offer you!

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True Reds

True reds are at the top of the spectrum and are mostly a neutral colour which will actually suit anyone and everyone. True reds can be identified just by their colour because they do not have any visible shade or orange or blue. True reds are your safest bet if you are not too sure of the colour.

Red lipstick shades

Source: blogspot.com

Blue Reds

Blue is usually on the cooler side of the spectrum and blue reds swaths will usually give off a slight blue tint. This colour, when applied, can make your teeth look a lot whiter because of the contrast. It is perfect for women who are pale toned because it will make your lips pop out. Most celebs have blue reds on the red carpet because it makes their lips and smiles pop out.

Shade of Red Lipstick

Source: wordpress.com

Pink Reds

These are reds which are very similar to the true reds. Again, even in pink reds, there are two hues. So one is a cool toned one and the other one is warm toned. Raspberry pink reds are a little more subtle as compared to neon pinks. Raspberry pink reds can be worn during daytime as well as at night.

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Pink red lipstick

Source: oliviafrescura.com

Orange Reds

Reds which have hints of orange in them are usually the brightest ones and resemble the colour of a tomato. This is a very warm colour as well as fiery and usually suits women who have a warmer skin tone. Orange reds can also prevent the sallowness in women with yellowish skin.

Orange red lipstick

Source: mymakeupideas.com

Let’s take a look at some of the best shades of red in our times:

1. Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Matte Lip Colour In Red Carpet

The rich, red matte lipstick is highly bright and fiery. Additionally it lasts for over 8 hours!

Matte Lip Colour In Red

Source: evonnz.com


2. Dolce & Gabbana Red Devil

The orangey red moisturizing lipstick is creating waves all around. An amazing lipstick with an even more intense pigment, it may be a little heavy on your pocket though. What’s best, you can find the lipstick right in your closest Sephora!

Dolce & Gabbana Red

Source: simplypeachy.com

4. MAC’s Ruby Woo and Russian Red

Two of MAC’s most popular colours, both are warm reds which perfectly suit the warm skin tone of our Indians. The colour was launched in the 80s and even now has a cult following. Stocks get over all the time, but people never get tired of these two colours.

MAC lipstick shades

Source: stephaniedaily.com

So there you go! We have broken down the basics for you and now you can easily pick up any red lipstick without fear!

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