Handcrafted Bags: Now Give a Sublime Touch to Your Ethnic Quotient

Handcrafted Bags

A bag says a lot about an individual’s personality. A good bag has its own definition when it comes to quality, craftsmanship and design and above all its key to sustaining fashion. Did you gasp? …. Thought so!

The concept is extremely simple – Your bag can be a showstopper, dragging everyone’s attention. The handbags are head turners not because they are enabled with strong structural design, but because of their perfect balance between aesthetic, functionality and execution features.

They have been carried around since time immemorial as long as humans have felt the necessity to carry them with. The handbags can say as much as about the users as the content stuffed inside them. They can either be a head turner or a fashion disaster, inducing gasps at their mere sight.

How to Style Your Diwali Outfit?

Fashionlady, this time has really dived into the ocean of fashion to give you some rare yet exquisite margarites to make your Diwali fashionable. When Diwali fashion is in air these days, we thought of focusing on Desi ensembles and ethnic creations.

how to style your diwali outfit

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The handbags are the most sought-after accessories next to foot wear for any fashionista. When it comes to ethnic fashion mostly during the festive season then we usually look around for embellishments and heavy crystal work; be it a clutch, bag or whatsoever. This time, we have brought something unique for you. Check out!

Handcrafted bags from 22.2 Accessories

We offer you some splendid statement-making pieces by accessory designer Richa Dubey, which can instantly take your breath away! Richa, who is an alumnus of  NIFT, New Delhi has worked with a number of fashion houses before finally launching her label 22.2accessories.

22.2 accessories

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The designer uses traditional as well as avant garde craft techniques to conceive some awe-inspiring pieces that have a perfect amalgamation of the traditional and modern elements. If you believe in ‘less is more’ strategy and minimal detailing is your taste then here are some unique designs for you, which you can style them with your Diwali outfits.

Have a look!

Handcrafted Bags and Accessories

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Handcrafted Fabric Bags

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Handcrafted Bags for Womens

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Handmade Bags

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Womens handicraft bags

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handicraft bags

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The cut design, art and proportions have been effortlessly fused to create a masterpiece that ensures comfort, whilst keeping you high on fashion this year. They are an absolute delight and hold the center stage because of their new-age style privileges rather than overwhelming any of your outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this post on unique handcrafted bags!

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