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Health Benefits Of Strawberries: Our Favorite Superfood!

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Health Benefits Of Strawberries

Health Benefits Of Strawberries

All of us love the good ol’ strawberry, so much so that besides strawberry flavored condiments, we also have strawberry lipstick, strawberry hair and what not. Many of us love the tiny little fruit without even knowing the health benefits of strawberries! In fact, in Asian countries, this berry is known as the Queen of Fruits because of its power packed strawberry nutrition.

Facts About Strawberries

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Before we start counting the health benefits of strawberries, let’s find out some facts about strawberries and what is it that makes this berry so special?

Strawberries are usually a little tangy and right now there are 600 varieties of this fruit you can find. In fact, researchers have found that strawberries contain more vitamin C than commonly known citrus fruits such as lime, orange and lemons. The high content of anti-oxidants in strawberries also makes it an excellent fruit to fight off free radicals. The nutritional value of strawberries has been studied by a number of scientists and scientific organizations making it one of the best fruits for promotion of good health. The various health benefits of strawberries and the availability of the fruit also makes it pretty popular with a lot of people.

What Are Strawberries Good For

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Now that you know that strawberries are a powerhouse of good health, here are some of he benefits of eating strawberries:

Immunity Boosting Berry

Since strawberry is a very high source of Vitamin C, it will not only fulfill your daily requirement of the vitamin, but also help to boost your body’s immunity and thus help prevent a lot of diseases. Common cold, viral fever etc. all can be prevented with the regular intake of strawberries.

Are Strawberries Good For You

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Heart Health Boosting Berry

Researchers at Harvard made a breakthrough find when they discovered that a class of flavonoids that are found in strawberries could reduce the risk of heart disease in middle aged and young women by 32%! That’s a huge number considering the fact that a large percentage of women now suffer from heart diseases owing to their erratic lifestyles. The best results could be obtained if women had three servings of strawberries in a week.

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Vitamins in Strawberries

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Berries For Healthy Peepers

Researchers have also found out that the presence of antioxidants in strawberries can also help prevent cataracts in the eyes. The clouding of the eyes or cataract, as most people know afflicts a huge chunk of the older generation. The presence of Vitamin C in strawberries strengthens the eye muscles, cornea and retina and thus prevents cataract to a large extent. Preventing or delaying cataracts becomes imperative as soon as men and women reach the age of 60.


Facts About Strawberries

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A Diabetic’s Boon

Diabetes is a disease that requires lifelong treatment and the only way to keep it under control is to put in various check points in your lifestyle. Strawberries have a very low glycemic index which helps to regulate the blood sugar level. And since it is very rich in fibers, it is also a good nutritional addition to a diabetic’s lifestyle. Having strawberries at least three to four times in a week is considered advantageous in a diabetic’s food habits.

How Healthy Are Strawberries

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A Pregnant Woman’s Friend

Eating strawberries during pregnancy is considered good for the mother’s health because of the high content of folic acid in the berries. A pregnant woman should always consult a doctor before starting any specific item in their diet.

Strawberries are thus excellent fruits to boost your overall health and wellbeing. Incorporate them in your diet and see a world of difference!

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