Lemon Water Health Benefits


Lemon Water Health Benefits

Start your day with something healthy, refreshing and invigorating; after all a “good morning” is what paves the way to a “good day”. Nothing works better than lemon water every morning. It is the perfect “morning drink” as it ensures smooth bowel movement, stimulates weight loss process and rejuvenates the skin.

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Lemon Water health benefits are myriad and it acts as a perfect tonic to flush out all the unwanted and harmful elements from your body. It also makes you feel light and active throughout the day. Lemons are the storehouse of nutrients, calcium, vitamins, iron magnesium etc., it also has medicinal value and anti-bacterial properties.

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Hot Water With Lemon Benefits

Let me unfold hot water with lemon benefits every morning and why you should adopt this habit right from tomorrow:


Since lemons are acidic, they help balance the body’s ph level. Lemons help flush out unwanted toxins because lemons accentuate the rate of urination in the body and thus aids in keeping urinary tract healthy. It enhances the enzyme function and improves the liver.

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Lemons help produce bile that is crucial to improve digestion. It helps the digestive system work efficiently throughout the day and let food pass through easily. Hot water with lemon, benefits the body by reducing toxins in the digestive tract and making the process of eliminating waste products from the body easier.


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Weight Loss

If not the above points, this point is sure to attract many followers. Yes, lemon juice has been widely known for its ability to assist weight loss because it contains an element called pectin that is known to assist weight losses. Pectin reduces the urge to eat, thus easily helping you let go of that delicious burger or a cheesy pizza.

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Helps Your Skin

With all the toxins flowing out of your body, what can stop you from looking beautiful and young? Lemon juice with warm water helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it also makes less visible the spots and blemishes, also dark circles. It detoxifies the blood and contributes immensely in improving the skin.

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Strengthens Immunity

Like I had already mentioned earlier, lemons are the storehouses of nutrients, be it vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium etc. All the nutrients help fight diseases like cold and flu and keep other diseases at bay. It helps the lungs and also stimulates the brain and the nervous system.

Fresh Breath: Yes those advertisements about toothpastes are enough to let us know that lemon helps improve breath. Lemons also strengthen the enamel and fight other dental problems.

Hydrating The Body: Reduced amount of water intake definitely shows its effects on the human body by inducing laziness, discomfort, headaches and weakness. Lemon juice with warm water every morning helps to keep the body hydrated and reduces uneasiness.

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Storehouse Of Energy: Being a rich source of nutrients, lemon helps boost immune system with its regular use. Drinking warm lemon water has therapeutic properties. It helps keep you hale and hearty, uplifts your mood and enhancing your energy which leads to improved work performance and better results.


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