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Here Are Various Almond Face Pack To Combat Dull And Drab Skin

by Fashionlady
Almond For Skin

Almond for Face

Yes, yes you know the power of almonds for hair and skin. The shine, suppleness and softness they bring is indisputable. Just like there is almond for skin, there is almond for face too. But it is an almond face pack which helps in skin whitening, making skin fair, and helping you say goodbye to pimples and acne scars from your face.

Since almonds rejuvenate the dry skin deeply, almond face mask is effective in minimizing the wrinkles and lines on mature skin. Talking of almond face pack and almond face mask, there is almond milk face mask, almond oil face mask, almond paste for face, almond face pack for skin whitening and almond meal face mask.

Having read about the almond mask benefits let us know more about the almond face pack which we can use in our free hours in order to reveal young and flawless skin. The other great benefit about it is that it is safe and has no side effects.

1. For Fairness Use Almond Face Pack With Milk

The almond milk face mask can be prepared by soaking a few almonds, say about 3-5, in milk and leaving them overnight. Next morning, you need to mash them with milk to create a granular paste. Now apply this paste on the face for 20 minutes till it gets dry. Wash it with cold water and see how almond for face brings back the glow.

Almond Milk Face Masks

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2. For Fairness Use Almond Face Pack With Sandalwood

To soaked almonds add some milk and grind it. Then add sandalwood powder to this paste. You can also add some more milk to it. Now apply this face pack and let it dry. Wash it with lukewarm water. Apply this almond face mask three times a week to get results. Sandalwood works well as almond face pack for skin whitening.

Almond Face Pack for Skin Whitening

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3. For Scars Use Almond Face Pack With Yogurt

Soak some almonds in water and leave them over night. The morning next, crush the almonds with some yogurt and make them into a paste. Apply this almond face pack evenly across your face and let it dry. Follow it up by rinsing your face with plain water. This type of almond face mask can be used on oily skin in order to remove pimple marks and acne from the face.


4. For Oily Skin Use Almond Face Pack With Papaya

Take a small papaya and mash it well. Gather 4-5 almonds soaked overnight. Once you have crushed the almonds using a bit of water, mix the paste with papaya pulp. Now apply this almond face pack and wait for 15-20 minutes. Subsequently wash your face with cold water and see the results.

5. For Dry Skin Use Almond Face Pack With Oatmeal

Once again soak a few almonds in water at night and crush them next morning into a paste with milk. To this mixture add some oatmeal, which is nourishing as it heals dryness on face. Apply this on your face evenly and wash it off after 20 minutes with cold water.

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6. For Dry Skin Use Banana Almond Face Pack

If you want a quick face pack to get glowing skin before you leave for a party or function, then go for this almond face mask that has bananas.

Soak almonds in water at night. Grind the almonds into a paste and add some mashed banana pulp. Now apply this to your face and then wash it off with cold water after 15-20 minutes.

Almond Banana face mask

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7. For Sun Tan Use Almond Face Pack With Lemon Juice

To grinded almond paste made with milk or rose water, mix some lemon juice. Bingo! Your almond face mask is ready to remove sun tan from your face and body, thanks to lemon juice in it.

Almond Milk Face Mask

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