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Here’s How To Wear Your Glasses Like a Fashion Statement

by Fashionlady
How To Wear Your Glasses Like a Fashion Statement

If you thought wearing glasses earned you the accolade of UGLY BETTY, be proud. You know what they say right, “haters gonna hate”, so let them be. However, attention needed here. We have a few trendy ways to wear your glasses and to make the envious ones around BURN! Ready for the new look? Here we go!

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Get your lashes dolled up

Bothered about your lovely long lashes hitting your glasses- fix those lovely babies by getting them curled. Do it yourself with the help of a teaspoon or an eyelash curler; if that’s scary to try, ask a professional to help. This would give your eyes a fresh look, and use mascara to bring to the lashes some volume. Stay away from the lengthening mascara, because they smudge too much!

how to wear glasses with style

Source: tumblr.com

Style up the hair

The best look for girls with neck-length to long hair and with glasses would be to let the manes hang loose and free. If you have short hair, part it to one side, or go all retro with a blunt bob cut. The best frames here would be the cat eyed ones. Framed bangs are sassy for the face with glasses too, but wear them with a bun or a ponytail for a sophisticated look.

wearing eyeglasses for fashion

Source: dothehotpants.com


Lovely lips

Bold and bright, your lipsticks should be just that or else the attention would not go away from the glasses to other parts of your face. Deep reds for a party, orange and bright pinks for the day, with rims that are brown or black, only! If you choose to wear frames that are coloured – rosy pinks, gloss, nudes are the best bets!

Women's Fashion Eyeglasses

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Groom thy brows

We cannot emphasize enough with this one- your brows need to be well-shaped and groomed. Ill-shaped brows would highlight your not-so-pretty features, and would bring in more attention to your glasses. DIY or visit a parlour for the same, get the gaps filled if any using a pencil or a powder. Stray hairs in between threading routines should be plucked away! NO TO UNIBROWS please!

prescription sunglasses

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Shadow for the eyelids

Just as the lips were meant to be bright, the eyelids too can make you look sexy in those glasses. The colour of your frame and the colour of your lids should not complement one another. The twain shall stand out for sure! Choose opposite colours for each; your eyes would pop out with glee! Blue eyeshadow with brown frames, so hot we say!

eyeglass frames for women

Source: blogspot.com

Finally, choose an intense eyeliner which would last all day or night, and doll up with the smoky eye look. A little shimmer and shine to the lids would be good too- don’t overdo it, or else you’d end up celebrating Christmas when Easter has just gone- all too soon!

We hope you liked the five tips we have here on how to look pretty and cool in glasses. So the next time if someone laughs at you for wearing spectacles; create a spectacle with the five tips we just shared! Have fun darlings!

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