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Animal Print Eye Makeup: Add A Touch of Wildness!

by Fashionlady
Animal Print Makeup for Eyes

Animal Print Eye Makeup

Cheetah, zebra, leopard…how wild can you get with the animals? Scared with the thought? Rather you will enjoy every bit of it. We mean Animal Prints in the form of Eye Makeup. A new trend that can be spotted not just in fashion corridors but also in cocktail parties where innovation is entertainment! Italian fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana have been so inspired by the animal print trend that they launched Spring/Summer makeup collection this year called ‘Animalier’. Imagine a leopard print bronzer, zebra or cheetah print lip tattoos and leopard print eye makeup as part of the range.

Animal prints on eyes not only look adventurous but are very much unique and different to look at. You need to team up your costume and accessories in accordance with the kind of eye makeup print you want.

So, here we go discovering the art of doing eye makeup, showing fierce and astonishing animal prints. They will certainly make you a part of the animal cult fashion.

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Animal Print Eye Makeups

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Guidelines for doing Animal Print Eye Makeup

The first step to applying any form of beauty innovation on oneself is to get acquainted with it. After all, it’s a new technique that may raise attention and even eyebrows too. So discard all the fears and inhibitions and get ready to present yourself in a new eye-worthy way.

Couple of things to remember while you go about doing animal print eye makeup. It is always preferable to use liquid eyeliner as sometimes pencil eyeliners can give a smudgy look which can be disastrous. Also it is important to decide on an animal print style that you want your eyes to flaunt. Knowing the common designs that are available, you can create a zebra print on a white base with black, wriggly stripes in it. Leopard print needs a golden base with black and brown spots on it. As for the tiger print, you need an orange base with black and white stripes drawn on it. That is why, first make up your mind on what kind of animal print you want to use as that will help you narrow down on the makeup colours that would go well with your eyes.

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Animal Print Eyeshadow for eyes

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How to do Animal Print Eye makeup?

Though it is the job of professional artists, even you can do eye makeup using animal prints at your home. Buy good quality makeup and brushes if you want your look to shine throughout the day.

Step 1 – Eye Primer

In order to evade any form of creasing on the eyelids, you need to apply a primer first. Use a quality concealer to hide any flaws.

Step 2 – Eye Shadow

Now it is time to apply a coat of brown or yellow gold eye shadow around the crease area of your eyes. To further give the illusion of cat eye makeup, extend the eye shadow to the innermost corner of your eyes. This will give you the much needed smoky look to your eyes. Dab the shimmering and glittering yellow gold eye shadow to the upper and lower part of the eyelids.

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Step 3 – Create Winged Eye

Step 5 – Mascara

In the final stage, use mascara to create a line around your eyes. This will help in creating a defined look.

Simple Steps of animal print eyeshadow

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Here are some animal print eye makeup ideas for you:

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So if you are happily caught up in an animal-frenzy state, make the most of your new found love by making animal prints on your eyes. Always remember to remove your eye makeup before going to bed. You can make your own makeup removers at home.

Do share your experience with animal print eye makeup.

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