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How To Bleach Your Skin: Handy Tips To Make Bleaching An Easy Job

by Fashionlady
How To Bleach Your Skin

How To Bleach Your Skin

Why do people bleach their skin? Well, it can be for a variety of reasons, from wanting to remove tan to wanting to lighten facial hair or fade out dark spots, bleaching can help you out with a lot of your skin woes.

Bleaching your skin can be a bit of a daunting task. Since you are dealing with strong chemicals, if not done properly and with utmost care, bleaching can lead to some serious skin damage. Can you bleach your skin? If yes, what the dos and don’ts that you need to follow?

A Quick Lesson On How Can You Bleach Your Skin.

Let us give you a quick lesson on how can you bleach your skin. All your questions about how to lighten your skin will be answered.

Pre-Bleach Steps

1. Always Start Off By Doing A Patch Test

This step is non-negotiable as a patch test will let you know whether a particular bleach is okay to be used on your skin or not. This step is especially important when you are trying a new brand that you have no previous experience with. Always do a 24-hour patch test to determine if the bleach gives you any side effects such as a rash, burn or other such skin issues.

Can You Bleach Your Skin

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2. Read The Instructions Carefully

Never assume that all bleaches will work the same way! Always read the instructions leaflet carefully before you start the application process. And make sure you follow the instructions to a T. Remember that a bleach is basically a chemical-laden product that must be used according to specific instructions or could lead to drastic results.

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3. Make Sure You Do Not Have Any Open Wounds

Your bleach cannot come in contact with broken skin. So before you get bleach on skin, do a quick check to see if you have any cuts or any open wound such as a recently popped pimple. Getting bleach in contact with an open wound can lead to your skin getting burned and delay the healing process or even lead to an infection.

How To Lighten Your Skin

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4. Get the Right Strength

Of course you need to ensure that you get a bleach that is of the right strength for your needs. If you are looking for a mild bleach, then opting for one with natural ingredients is a good idea. Also, if you are using a strong bleach then take care to not use it in areas where it could damage your sensitive skin.

5. Avoid Sensitive Areas

This goes without saying. Avoid sensitive areas such as around the eyes and nose. You do not want to take the bleach anywhere near such delicate skin!

How To Whiten Your Skin

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7. Never Leave It On For Longer Than Mentioned

Your bleaching kit will come with specific instructions as far as time is concerned. Follow that and never leave your bleach on for longer than is mentioned. Doing so can lead to burns and rashes and a whole lot of other nightmarish scenarios that you just don’t want face. Ever. Trust us.


Post-Bleach Steps

1. Do Not Use Soap Or Face Wash

Do not use soap or face wash on your skin for at least 24 hours after bleaching it. Your skin has gone through a lot with the bleaching, thanks to the chemicals it had to come in contact with. So treat with care and stay away from harsh soaps and face washes that could strip your skin further and make it more vulnerable. Simply use plain water to clean your skin instead.

Ways To Bleach Your Skin

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2. Use A Sunscreen

Use a sunscreen post-bleaching to safeguard and protect your skin against the harsh sun. Your skin is in a particularly delicate state after bleaching. The last thing it needs is to be forced to face the sun and its harsh rays unprotected.

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Sun cream for skin

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So there you go. Our pre-bleach, during, and post-bleach tips to help you out with your bleaching process. We hope you’ve gained more clarity on how to whiten your skin using bleach.

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