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How To Fall Asleep Fast And Maintain a Good Health

by Fashionlady
Tips To Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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Are you one of those who toss and turn every night? Is sleep affecting your health? Are you cranky after you wake up? If your answer to all these questions is YES, then you are sleep deprived and we believe very cranky. How you sleep at night predetermines how your health, job performance, safety and your day will be. Your mood will depend a lot on how well you slept the previous night. There are hardly people who can sleep as soon as their lids close and their heads hit the pillow, but for most adults, this is very difficult. But the good news is there are ways which will help you sleep better and be better in life too. FashionLady picks out some fail proof tips and tricks as to how to fall asleep instantly.

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How To Sleep Better:

1. Boost The Sleep Hormone: Turn Off Those Lights!

The sleep hormone is very elusive and it needs the right environ to get activated. So if you have the lights on at full blast and TV blaring, chances are-she ain’t gonna show up! The light from gadgets like your TV, your phone and the bed lights suppress the production of melatonin. Thus, sleep won’t come to you easy!

The same is the case with light bulbs-dim them all before you go to sleep and if you don’t like light while sleeping, it is even better. Try to keep of lights as much as possible to stimulate the production of melatonin. Remember: the darker it is, the better it is to sleep too, and you will fall asleep fast.

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2. Maintain a Schedule for Sleep

Consistency is the key everywhere and if you have to sleep well, your sleep routine has to be set at the same time every day. Your body has a natural sleep cycle which is called the Circadian Rhythm and maintaining this is the key to have some good sleep. Keep a regular schedule for sleeping and sleep every night at the same time. Try not to break this routine even during weekends when you actually want to sleep late. Also, wake up at the same time every day. This will keep your sleep cycle and body clock in sync with each other and help you sleep a lot better.


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3. Eat Right

What you eat during the day and night will also determine what kind of sleep you will have at night. It is especially very important to keep a tight watch on what you are eating before going off to sleep. Having a particularly heavy meal will mean that your body has to work extra hard to digest the huge load of food you just had. So, your body’s concentration won’t be in sleeping, but instead the entire energy will be directed towards digestion. Stay away from fatty foods and alcohol because both may reduce the effectiveness of your sleep. Also, forget the caffeine!

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4. Exercise Well

When you regularly exercise, you tend to fall asleep sooner and better. This is because your body is tired and it is easier to fall right asleep. Exercise also keeps your mind and body fit. A lot of people do regular yoga and fitness trainings to sleep better.

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