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How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

by Fashionlady
Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise
Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

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Is your life reduced to watching every calorie you eat and spending hours at the gym penancing for giving in to your food cravings? Are you spending every weekend planning healthy meals for next week and trying desperately to make more time to exercise? If so, you are guaranteed to fall in love with our slacker strategies on how to lose weight fast without exercise. While we definitely do not endorse not exercising but we would certainly like to make your life much easier. With our without exercise weight loss tips, you would be dramatically losing quite a few pounds without breaking a sweat. Stay hooked!

7 Different Ways On How To Lose Weight Without Exercise:

1. Drink Oodles Of Water:

You have all been told to drink enough water but it simply cannot be touted enough. We would give you another motivation. Drinking about 8 liters of water every day is perhaps the easiest answer to how to lose weight without exercise. Remember to drink a glass or two of water 30 minutes before meals to help you cut on food without feeling the heat. Additionally, it helps boost metabolism and helps you burn calories much faster. Various studies have also shown that people drinking more water have lost about 50 percent more weight in the same time period than those drinking less water.

Drink Oodles Of Water

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2. Chew, Chew, Chew Your Food:

Do you know that your brain needs time to process that you have taken in food? Chewing your food well takes time and gives your brain plenty of assimilation time leaving you more satisfied and full. Additionally, when you are really chewing your food, even with smaller portions, your stomach will scream full and will stay so for a longer duration. It will also metabolize your food well. This is one of the best open secrets on how to lose weight fast without exercise.

How to lose weight without exercise

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3. Be Mindful Of Eating:

If you are used to scarfing down your food while reading or watching TV, it’s time to change that habit. One of the biggest causes of weight gain is mindless eating where you are blissfully ignorant of the food that you have eaten or the calories consumed. Here is how to reduce weight naturally without exercise – always give undivided attention to your food while eating and preferably have it on a table. Chewing it well and being conscious of what you are eating will always leave you more full and satisfied.

How to reduce weight without exercise

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4. Sleep Well

Did you ever notice your food cravings going up when you are feeling sleepy? This is because lack of sleep makes your appetite-regulating hormones – leptin and ghrelin go berserk and you end up eating totally unnecessary food. Ask any celeb or doctors about how to lose weight quickly without exercise, they would inevitably advise you to sleep well. Moreover, studies showed that when people without sleep were made to sleep well, their body ended up consuming about 300 calories more. Thus, indulge your lazy tendency to sleep well and lose all those extra flab.

How to lose weight quickly without exercise

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5. Always Eat Off Small Plates

This mind-game works heavenly for your weight loss endeavors. Eating off small plates sends signals to your brain as eating a lot. What would look like a small portion on a big plate would look huge on a small plate and would leave you feeling indulged. This naturally leads you to eat smaller portions and you no longer wonder on how to reduce weight without exercise.

Without exercise weight loss

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6. Eliminate Sugary Drinks

The best diet plan to lose weight fast without exercise is to eliminate sugary drinks. You would be surprised at the enormous amount of calories you consume through aerated drinks and sugary drinks. Even your fruit juices have quite a healthy level of sugar. Worse, they leave your stomach feeling empty and hungry despite the huge calorie load. Try eliminating sugar from your tea and coffee. Better plan? Replace them with healthy alternatives like green tea, coffee, a glass of milk or just plain water. You will be astounded by how fast you are shedding weight.


Without exercise weight loss for women

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7. Spike Up The Pros

An awesome tip on best diet to lose weight fast without exercise is to increase the probiotics in your diet. These are nothing but the good bacteria that works like a super worker in helping your digestive system break down food and keeping all gastro intestinal problems at bay. These problems are the biggest barrier to a flat stomach. Ensure to include probiotic rich foods like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut. etc. Else, opt for a supplement having atleast 50 mg of probiotics per serving.

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