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How to Make Ear Cuffs – DIY

by Fashionlady
Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs
Spotted widely on fashion runways by models of prominent fashion brands of Chloé, Jason Wu and Chanel, high ranking fashion blogs and also the lobes of celebs, the ear cuffs have been proved to be most trending accessories, which are here to stay. Right from Met Ball to streets, this pair of trendy accessory continues to adorn ears everywhere. Now taking this opportunity, I offer you a DIY session on how to make ear cuffs to help you unleash your creativity.

Now the red carpet and runway trends are sufficient enough to motivate you to adopt this hot trend and if that’s not enough then the factor of wearing ear cuffs without extra piercings must compel you to buy some pieces and get DIY a few.

The array of latest designs has come a long way from the traditional earring chains to the silver cuffs popularized by the 90’s rock fashion. Today with the resurrection of the ear cuffs, these accessories are now quite a rage especially after being heavily endorsed by the celebrities.

They are quite in demand online, after prominent jewelry designers have started crafting these jewelry pieces out of precious metals and gems and also in less expensive silver and oxidized metals.

Now either splurge on a pair of dainty hoop or a statement-making full-on piece; you are surely going to be under the spotlight for your high end fashion taste. And the best thing is there is always a cuff for someone, who is looking to add edge to her style statement.

Either spend a fortune on the Berber line by Repossi that is encrusted with diamonds or else go through this post to know more on how to make ear cuffs.

I stumbled across a tutorial on DIY ear cuffs and Simple Ear Cuff Tutorial, and that’s when I immediately decided to share it with my readers. Go through this easy DIY tutorial on how to make ear cuffs to get some basic ideas.

ear cuffs step1-2-3

source: shealynns-faerie-shoppe.blogspot.in

ear cuffs step4-5-6

source: shealynns-faerie-shoppe.blogspot.in

ear cuffs step8-9

source: shealynns-faerie-shoppe.blogspot.in

Things you’ll need –

  • Pliers
  • Some pieces of silver plated copper wire
  • Enameled copper wire in different colors
  • Measuring scale

How to make ear cuffs

  • Take a piece of silver coated copper wire and measure up to 3”
  • Now cut the wire with pliers measuring 3″
  • Fold the wire at 1-inch spot with the help of pliers
  • Fold the wire again in the shape of zigzag as shown in the image
  • Twist the ends and create swirls at both the edges
  • Make sure the loops touch the central spot of the wire. The swirls on both the edges not only beautify the ear cuff, but also make it comfortable while wearing
  • Now with the help of pen form the ear cuff by bending it into a circle around the mandel of the pen. Take an appropriate pen with diameter than you feel fits your lobes. And by bending the cuff around the mandel of the pen, you will get good circular shape of the cuff that easily fits on your ear lobes
  • While keeping the cuff around the pen, now push both the ends down firmly
  • With the help of the pliers, now gently twist the tips of the cuff which are straight to complete the circle
ear cuffs step10-11

Source: shealynns-faerie-shoppe.blogspot.in

Voila! You are done with your DIY ear cuffs.

Now if you want to create more drama then you can take a wire of larger length and bend it into bigger swirls. You can now add a bead dangle on the cuff or also a chain which you can join to your stud earring.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and show us your creative side!

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