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How to Make Hair Healthy

by Fashionlady
How to Make Hair Healthy

How to Make Hair Healthy
Gorgeous and healthy hair is something that probably everybody dreams of. But, how to get that look by using minimal chemicals? It’s not that difficult! All you need to do is follow the points mentioned below and you’ll soon see your hairs growing healthy.

Eat a Vitamin-Rich Diet

It’s very essential that you eat a balanced diet in order to have healthy hair and good health in general, because each food item provides you with different nutrients and it’s important to feed every variety of nutrients to your body system. While trying to make your hair healthy, eating healthy and wisely is of utmost importance as it’ll nourish your hair. Salmon, walnuts, egg, spinach, Greek yolk, oysters are some food items which should definitely be in your daily diet.

Vitamin rich foods

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Trim Your Hairs Often

It might seem hard to do but carrying hair with split ends can damage your hairs even more because the longer split ends stay, the more they’ll grow up to your hair shaft and eventually damage your hair. So, make it a point and give your hair a cutting every 6-8 weeks. Furthermore, it’s a fact that the more you cut your hair, the more healthy they’ll be.

Trim Your Hairs Often

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Wash Your Hair When You Feel The Need

People often ask this question as to when should they wash their hair? And, the most apt answer to this query is that it all depends on your hair. On days, when you are traveling a lot or the weather is humid then you might want to wash it every second day. So, it all depends on the condition of your hair. Though, it is advisable not to wash your hair every day.

Wash Your Hair When You Feel The Need

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Buy Hair Products Best Suited For Your Hair Type

Using hair products which are not meant for your hair type will obviously damage your hair. So, make sure that all the hair products that you use are specifically for your hair type and no matter what your hair type is, there is always a perfect shampoo and conditioner made especially for your hair problem.


Buy Hair Products

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Get Enough Sleep

Studies have shown that the lack of sleep can cause damage to your hair. Even irregular hours of sleeping can be harmful for your hair. So do get at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday because there is nothing more important than your health.

Get Enough Sleep

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Let The Hair Dry Naturally When Wet

When your hair are wet, they are very fragile and rubbing them with a rough towel can lead to breakage of your hair and also, make them fizzy or fluffy. So instead of rubbing, try blotting your hair to remove access of moisture. Or you may even wrap an absorbent towel around your hair.

Hair Dry Naturally

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Stop Using Straightener!

Straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers can cause terrible damage and destroy your hair. So, if you are a regular user of any of them, just stop using them right away because they will lead your damaged hair to eventually be dead, fried and have loads of split ends. And, at times when you just have to use them, don’t forget applying a heat protection spray or a serum on your hair before using them.

Stop Using Straightener

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Follow these points religiously and soon enough you’ll be able to flaunt your hair without any hesitations!

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