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Remineralize Teeth To Bid Goodbye To Cavities!

by Fashionlady
Remineralize Teeth

Heard of calcium and phosphate? These minerals help make the tooth enamel, prevent tooth decay and cavities. But with age, we tend to lose minerals in our teeth. Blame it on sugary or acidic foods which we eat. Now if the tooth enamel is gone, you can’t get them back. The only option is remineralize teeth and of course making lifestyle changes and adopting home remedies.

Remineralize Teeth

Knowing Tooth Remineralization:

What is tooth remineralization? It is a natural way to reverse cavities and replenish tooth enamel.

Our teeth are porous. The outer surface has innumerable holes. This is where the mess up begins – minerals and other substances enter the teeth enamel faster. Let’s not forget the coffee and tea stains which end up staining the teeth in a major way. But this characteristic pave way for remineralisation. To increase tooth remineralization, you need to beef up the calcifying minerals in your saliva, at the same time limit acidity.

Did you know, improper diet can be a big hindrance to remineralising teeth? So prevention is the best key rather than healing at a later stage. Remember, healthy diet leads to healthy mouth. And if that happens, then there is no need of tooth remineralization.

To sum it up, this is what remineralization of teeth does:

  • Reduces teeth sensitivity
  • Gets rid of the pain caused by tooth decay
  • Reclaims damaged teeth
  • Reduces dental costs at a lifetime level

As you can see, strengthen teeth that happens due to remineralisation has a far-reaching impact on the quality of your life.

How To Remineralize Teeth

How To Remineralize Your Teeth:

Now that you are serious about remineralisation, this is how you can heal cavities. Here are some Tips and Home Remedies:

1. Brush Your Teeth:

This is a must for removal of bacteria from teeth. Dental caries (also called cavities) are caused by the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. Since bacteria are transmitted via food and drinks, brushing your teeth regularly helps remove them, which can otherwise lead to mineral loss and cavities.

Brush Your Teeth

2. Use Fluoride Toothpaste:

The Academy of General Dentistry recommends the use of fluoride toothpaste or remineralizing toothpaste to prevent tooth decay through remineralization. Fluoride helps strengthen teeth, reducing their chances of facing mineral loss.

3. Reduce Sugar Intake:

Sugar is acidic in nature and can break down tooth enamel. In fact, table sugar (sucrose) and honey are the biggest culprits. So how to remineralize teeth can be done by eating sugary foods occasionally rather than eating small amounts on a regular basis.

4. Chew Sugarless Gum:

And you thought eating gum adds on to the mess of tooth decay? According to studies, sugarless versions may promote tooth remineralization by helping remove plaque, sugar and carbs from teeth, while at the same time encouraging the salivary glands to produce more of saliva. The best way to avail the benefit is to eat sugarless gum in between meals or after-meals.


5. Take Fruit and Fruit Juices Moderately:

While fruit is a good thing to include in a healthy and balanced diet, it can be acidic as well. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits can be the worst culprits. Stay away from fruit juices and eat acidic fruits occasionally, not as a habit.

6. Consume More Calcium:

Though our teeth naturally produce calcium, it gets depleted in no time given the sugars and acidic foods we take. Eating calcium-rich foods is a good substitute, even calcium-rich cheese. If your diet is lacking in calcium, consult your doctor about calcium supplements.

7. Decrease Intake Of Dairy Products:

Although dairy products are a natural source of calcium, the lactose (a type of sugar) in them can increase the acidity in your mouth. Don’t worry, when you choose lactose-free milk or go for almond or soy milk, you get the calcium-equivalent of a conventional dairy product.

What about sodas?

They are also acidic and contain sugar, so it is best to limit soda intake. Now you see the power of water in remineralize teeth.

10. Prevent Mouth From Going Dry:

Saliva is good for oral hygiene. It does a lot in killing bad bacteria in the mouth, bad breath, preventing tooth enamel from decaying. So when you are down with stress or dehydration, never allow your mouth to feel dehydrated as it will invite dental problems.

Remineralize Teeth – A Recap:

Here are some pointers for you on how to avoid demineralisation. This is for future reference and will go a long way to maintaining gum health:

  • Keep up with oral hygiene
  • Never brush your teeth too hard
  • Avoid overly acidic or sugary drinks
  • Consider chewing sugarless gum
  • Eat more of leafy green vegetables
  • Do not use fluoride gels or a toothpaste with extra-fluoride without consulting a dentist
  • Visit a qualified dentist once or twice a year to get a thorough cleaning done of your teeth.

Teeth Remineralization

These were some of the Home Remedies on remineralisation of teeth. Which of them have you followed? Tell us about it and how beneficial it was for the benefit of our readers.

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