How to Treat Eye Infection at Home With Simple Home Remedies

How to Treat Eye Infection at home with simple home remedies
Eyes are windows to our souls. One of our most important sensory organs, the eyes help us see and perceive the world around us. But eyes are also very sensitive, and dirt and dust can irritate it. Sometimes if you are not too careful, you may end up losing your eyesight too! So, the moment you think you are suffering an eye problem or an irritation, you should get your eyes checked.

Here are some eye infection home remedies that can help you should know:

1.For Redness and Swelling:

In case dirt or dust gets inside your eye, it irritates the cornea. If you are not careful, the dust or dirt may even scratch the cornea. Irritated eyes will be swollen and red. One of the best solutions is to use honey. Besides several beauty benefits of honey for hair and skin, this sweet tasting liquid has many anti-bacterial properties which help to reduce the swelling. You can boil some honey mixed with water and use a cotton ball to lightly swipe your eyes. Use the mixture only when it is cool.

For Redness and Swelling

  • For relief from itchy, painful eyes, chamomile tea can be an effective solution. The tea bags can be boiled and then cooled to dab on the eyes. Infections and itchiness are reduced to a large extent with the help of this tea.

    chamomile tea

  • Ancient Indians have always appreciated the benefits of turmeric. The well-known herb has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and can easily cure eye infections. The affected areas can be dabbed with a solution of turmeric powder and water. It also helps in the healing process.

    benefits of turmeric

2.For Pinkeye:

The dreaded pinkeye can strike anybody and everybody. Known as conjunctivitis, pinkeye is usually marked by redness in the eye, fluids oozing out and highly contagious and painful. It usually starts only in one eye and then starts spreading to the next. Here are some natural remedies for the dreaded disease:

  • Colloidal Silver is usually available in most medical stores and can prevent the infection from spreading into the other eye. One to two drops in each eye four or five times a day does the trick and there is a lot more ease while opening or closing the eyes.
For Pinkeye

raw potato

  • Pinkeye usually leaves the eyes very swollen and red. There will be a sticky fluid oozing from your eye which will stick shut your eyes at several instances. You will thus need to clean eyes a lot and use a cold or warm compress to soothe the pain. Swelling can also be reduced by using the compress. If you have pinkeye in both the eyes, make sure you use two different clothes for each eye to prevent any further infection.
red eye

3.Home remedies to cure Stye:

  • Another painful infection, stye us caused when the base of your eyelashes get infected. There is a formation of bumps on the base of the infected eyelash and there is a burning sensation too. Here are some natural stye cure home remedy that can help you recover sooner.
    Parsley leaves can be boiled in water and after cooling, this water can be used to clean the eye. Parsley is a purifying agent and is used in the sty cure treatment, thus helping the infected eye heal much faster.

  • Another very popular and pungent herb, garlic can also be used to reduce the swelling and pain associated with styes. Fresh garlic juice dabbed on the area can help reduce the pain.
  • garlic

The above natural home remedies for eye infections are popular ways to keep your eyes painless at home. However, it is advisable that in case of serious infections, you should not resort to home remedies and instead get your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist.

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