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They look stylish, classic and durable that can be carried to all occasions! Do you also love your leather bags like we do ours own? Some people are not aware that caring for leather bags is extremely important, if they want to enjoy the pleasure of having them for long with no loss of sheen! We did our research and found out some tips, suggestion, do’s and don’ts for you to help out with preserving your most-treasured property i.e. leather bags!

Before we make a note of what’s to be done or what’s not, let’s understand the fabric first.

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|Leather is made of animal hide, which is generally sourced from cattle and then tanned to make it flexible or durable. To colour leather, an aniline-dye is used, which gets saturated into pigments on the skin while retaining the natural grain. Full grain leather is considered to be of the highest quality. |

The leather is tanned using a traditional method and it’s the quality is defined by the variations in colour and texture.


Why it’s important to care for leather bags regularly?

The leather has tendency to acquire a patina (oxidation over a longer period of time), which may result in leather darkening due to the oils from your skin and direct sunlight. Hence, it becomes required to keep the leather bag away from prolonged intense sunlight, heat and humidity. It is the care with which you use and look after your bag that preserves its beauty.

How to store?

After you have made your expensive leather bags purchase, the storage is another factor that you must consider!

It is advisable not to ever keep your purse in a sealed plastic bag or container. Leather is made of a living hide, hence it is important for it to let breathe! Keep some ventilation open to avoid the growth of mildew. One of the best storage is a dust cover or an old pillowcase as these will prevent your bag to smother.


In case your bag has a chain handle, put it inside the bag to avoid any scratch on the outside leather during the storage period.  You can also use bubble wrap to cover the metal part of your leather bag.

|White leather bags naturally gets yellow and darken with age. |


Prevention is always better than cure!

  1. First & foremost tip to always keep in mind is to keep your bag on the clean place. It’s much easier to ensure that your bag stays clean by preventing it from getting dirty at the first place and handle it with clean hands.
  2. Do not keep your bag in or near the extreme temperature. Also keeping it on the concrete floor may cause promote fungus on the leather bag!
  3. It is wise to always ensure that the bottles of liquid content are tightly closed, so to prevent any leakages, which may further harm your bag from inside. The stains of ink may force you to seek professional help.  You must keep all your cosmetics in plastic bag or also can use separate box to keep all small items from spilling.
  4. Always keep your bag away from jeans, as it may transfer its colour to your bag.
  5. Weather can have an adverse effect on your leather bag, as leather has absorbent power and can never be entirely waterproof. When the weather is not so good, be prepared to spare using your leather bag. At the same time, keep regularly rotating your leather bag every month as everyday use of it may result in wearing it out.


Yet if you still need to carry your classy leather bag to an event, apply beeswax creams, which acts as a barrier agent against water. (Beeswax may change the colour of your leather bag, hence first test it at the inconspicuous corner of your bag before applying it all over.) You can also opt for a spray protectant, which may be less effective as compared to beeswax, but it is virtually invisible on your bags.

Conditioning is much important as caring!

Leather has a tendency to dry out over time. Hence to prevent it from flaking and wrinkling, you must condition your leather bag with a dollop a conditioner (which is made especially for leather) on a soft cloth and rub gently all over the bag with soft hands. You can also try mink or neatsfoot oil and leave it for 10 minutes followed by wiping off the excess and then let it dry in an open room. It can stimulate and supplement the natural oils of leather. You must do the conditioning process at least once in every month. (Do not use leather conditioner on patent leather.)


Keeping the metal such as brass snaps or stainless steel eyelets of your leather bag in the good condition is also important. After all, nobody likes tarnished metal with a shiny leather bag. You can clean it with Mr. Clean’s magic erasers.  Never ever use oil on a leather bag, as it may drip and cause blemishes.

If ever water spills on your bag, absorb as much water as possible with the use of microfiber hand towel and always let it dry normally. Speed drying may cause change in chemical structure of leather. So the room temperature works best.

|Things you need to keep your leather bag in a best condition – Leather cleaner, Leather conditioner, Bubble wrap, Tissue paper, Soft cotton cloth, Dust bag & Pillow case. |

These are some of the tips for primary care of your leather bag. In the next post, we will explain how to clean the stains on your leather bag at home.

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  1. Wonderful blog!! Thank you fashionlady for such useful tips. Always I buy a new leather tote or bag, it turns into a mess in a month. But with your help, I think it will breathe more!! Loved it keep writing.


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