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Instagram Beauty Trends 2018

by Fashionlady
Instagram Beauty Trends

Instagram Beauty Trends 2018

2018 is off to an amazing start with the beauty game. From opal fire highlight, to fishtail brows, and to bubble eyeliner, we predict these will be one of the biggest and innovative makeup trends of this year. They are all a treat for the eyes! Having said that, here are the top beauty trends of 2018 you need to see for yourself to believe.

1. Metallic Brows

Eyebrow trends are big at the moment. A large number of makeup artists, beauty influencers, and regular Instagram users are all coming up with new versions of brow shapes. We have seen carved brows, squiggly brows, and dragon brows sp far. These brow trends cannot be worn in public. But there is one trend that you can definitely wear, and that is the metallic brows.
Metallic brows are less drastic and more subtle. They are intensely bold and you can create your own versions. Here is a simple way you can achieve metallic brows:

Metallic Brows

  • Make use of a sparkly version of brow pencil in bronze or onyx.
  • You can fill up your brows using a high voltage gold, silver, or rich jewel tone for filling up your arch.

Here are a few instagram inspirations you can check out:

A natural method:

A natural method

Ice Queen:
Ice Queen

Match your metallic brows to your hair:

Match your metallic brows to your hair

Fierce with Silver:

Fierce with Silver

A little touch-up:

Bold Brows and Simple Lids:
Bold Brows and Simple Lids

2. The Opal Fire Highlight

Another instagram-favorite makeup look that has gone viral is the way you apply a highlighter. A combination of colorful highlighter is used over for the face for an opal-encrusted look. The posts of @thestudyofmakeup final makeup looks like the work of photoshop and the highlights of her face look similar to the crystal used. This highlighter technique is an extension of the galaxy sunset highlight. Both the versions are colorful and nature-inspired.

The Opal Fire Highlight
This hottest makeup trend is inspired by the opal stones that look like they have galaxies inside them. It looks like a rainbow thunderstorm.
Hottest Makeup Trend To get instagram look, here is what the beauty expert did:

  • Sweep a pearly white loose powder highlighter onto the top of her cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bow, bridge of her nose, and the inner corner of her eye.
  • Started with an Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Coco Bling.
  • Next, the makeup artist added brilliant, opal inspired colors.
  • To get the crystal look, she layered three different shades of Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers, glitter-packed liquid lipsticks and white highlighter, Angel’s Breath (baby blue), Pink Pearl (icy pink), and Choke (pastel pink with blue shift).
  • She recommends dabbing them over using doe-foot applicators.
  • Blend them using highlighter to lighten the color. She used a trio of purple-toned pressed powders and highlighters.
  • Another option is eye shadows for adding color to the highlight. But for that, you need to slightly brush colored shadow on before blending them out using pearl highlighter.
  • For the rest of the makeup, she matched her eye shadow and lip color to the highlighter for tying the look together. “They all complement each other well for an ethereal party look or colorful festival makeup,” she says.

3. Glittery False Eyelashes

Few weeks back, a Sweden-based makeup artist, named Fruzan, posted the quick clip. And it has already been viewed over 140,000 times. But this tutorial has also raised a lot of controversies owing to its safety. The sparkly glitter used in the tutorial is in close proximity to her eyes. And there is nothing to block the flecks from getting to her eyes. With that, you should proceed with caution before trying out Fruzan’s tutorial.

Glittery False Eyelashes

Pulled-skin Makeup

To this, Jackson perfectly responded saying she doesn’t have time for the negativity: “It’s called special effect makeup. I’m being creative. You really think I’m going to walk the streets looking like that? Maybe start worrying about yourself, rather than what other people are doing. I can do what I want, and if I want to wear ‘loads’ of makeup, then I sure as hell will.” Preach.

5. Dotted Black Liquid Liner

Dotted eyeliner has slowly infiltrated our instagram feeds, celebs lids, and runways. This look again hit the runway again after few decades, but with a minimalist approach. Apart from history lesson, we’ve been seeing the dotted black fantasy for years now, and we’re pumped to watch beauty bloggers bring the dotted eyeliner into 2018 in a big way.

Dotted Black Liquid Liner

Referring to makeup artist Anna-Karin Hellborg on pulling off the look and what tools to use for creating perfect little circles, here is what she has to say:

  • Anna combined two of the favorite trends- floating crease and dotted liner.
  • You can make use of your favorite black liquid liner and dot away.

Matte Lip Dotted Paint

  • Greta Agazzi, a professional makeup artist based in Italy, says that she’s into the minimalist look because it gives her ‘mime vibes.’
  • Sounds right, doesn’t it?

Matte Lip Dotted Paint

6. Glossy Lids

Clear, gleaming eye lids are trending currently and are one of the biggest makeup trends. On record, #glossylids is garnering up to 23,000+posts. Whether it’s clean, neutral gloss or intense shades like maroon, yellow, or orange, this trend is definitely here to stay. “They’re definitely an antidote to the traditionally- made-up looks that people are increasingly moving away from.”

Glossy Lids

If you want to create the look at home, here are easy ways to recreate it:

  • Make use of a sponge applicator instead of brushes or applicators for applying the eye gloss.
  • You can choose to tone it down or up, depending on your mood.
  • Simply swipe the applicator straight across the eyelid for an easy application or dab using fingers for an understated shine.
  • You can try M.A.C eye gloss for achieving a good result.
  • So whenever you are in doubt, add the eye gloss for scoring bonus points. Layer it using a matte yellow shadow.

7. Glitter Gloss

Glitter Gloss

After sparkly eyes and shimmery highlighters on instagram, get ready to welcome glitter lips into your beauty routine. This lip art has the likes of Kim Kardashian backing it and even got her glossy tubes beauty line. So what makes this hot trend on instagram a global hit? The beauty complements all skin tones. With different versions of the lip color, people certainly aren’t afraid to add some sparkle to this look. And the color options of the glitter gloss are endless. So whether it’s a bold red, daring blue, or gold shimmer, the options are limitless. Here is proof:

Lip Art

8. Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair
Stemming from unicorn inspiration, pastel hair trend is all over instagram right now, with videos and photos of pastel locks taking over. You can try on temporary or semi-permanent color on your hair tips before trying the real deal. Baby pink and periwinkle are popular choices. If you are still on the fence and need some inspiration, here is what we found on instagram recently. Every hairdo from mermaid waves to bobs is with pastel colored hair.

Pastel Hair Womens

9. Bright Lids

Bright Lids

Many celebrity makeup artists like Hung Vanngo to Pat McGrath have been displaying hued lids on the stars. And, YouTube and Instagram’s beauty experts are also following the beauty trend. Seen commonly are electric blue and cherry red, amongst others.

Pat McGrath

You can wear something bright for the evening and a slightly muted version for the day. This is a makeup look you don’t want to miss out on.
While trying out bright lids, pair it with nude lips to balance out your look.

10. Glitter Face Masks

You can give your charcoal face mask a miss and start getting acquainted with the glitter peel-off face masks. These glitter face masks promise to leave behind a shiny-lit-glow from within. You can take inspiration from the Instagram post that is almost every beauty blogger’s feed: Too Faced Glow Job and the Glamglow #Glittermask Gravity Mud Firming Treatments. While the Too Faced Glow Job features real gold particles and leaves skin radiant, the Glittermask Gravity Mud Firming Treatment is infused with holographic glitter and ensures skin firming and tightening. No wonder both the products are becoming a rage on social media at the moment.

Glitter Face Masks

11. Thumbprint Liner

One of the new Instagram makeup trends is the thumbprint liner. This is the art of applying liner that extends the outer corner of the eye and forms a rounded shape, rather than a winged shape. It has popped up not only at runways but also on Instagram. The above image is iteration by makeup artist, Celine Bernaerts with a delightful combo of blue and pink shadows.

Thumbprint Liner

  • You need not be delicate for trying this makeup look.
  • The idea is to create a rounded swoop of eye shadow on the outside corner of the eye in the shape of a thumbprint.
  • You need not use liquid liner. Simply make use of your thumb to create the grunge-glam effect.
  • No perfect flicks required, the messier the finished look, the better.

Makeup artist, Hung Vanngo has experimented with the trend on Selena Gomez for her appearance at Coach’s SS18 show. He combined Gomez last minute liner with sparkly gold glitter eyeshadow and red lips.

Makeup trends

12. Orange Lipstick

Orange lips are officially trending over Instagram. We are excited that the sunny orange shade is finally taking over dark lips. After seeing how well it works out on Instagram, we’re also pretty sure that we’ll be able to pull it off. Instagram has a slew of orange lip photos popping up every week. We especially, love contoured face with full lashes and this sunny lip color.

Orange Lipstick

13. Clean Feathery Brows

Block brows are also one of Instagram beauty trends 2018. It is all about achieving clean, feathery, brushed-up brows.

  • For well-defined brows, comb a little powder through your arches to enhance the shape.
  • Apply a thin coat of transparent mascara and brush the hair upwards.
  • This can set your brow and give it a subtle glossy finish.

Clean Feathery Brows

14. White Liquid Eyeliner

White liquid eyeliner is exceptionally powerful. Whether you want to achieve a fierce or a seductive look, you can bust out your inner wildness with this white liquid eyeliner. 2018 Instagram makeup trends predict that bold, graphic eyes will be a ubiquitous trend this year. The white winged eye is usually worn keeping the rest of the makeup clean and minimal.

White Liquid Eyeliner

15. Sparkly Highlighted Skin

If sparkling embellishment and golden highlighter were not enough, another beauty trend of Instagram in 2018 is the ultra-highlighted skin. The trend is all about achieving a super glowing skin- the more glowing the skin, the better. In the Instagram post above, makeup artist Namvo creates her signature #namvoglow using a holographic violet pigment. You can bet your eyes will be pointed out towards this sparkly highlighted skin.

Sparkly Highlighted Skin

16. Fishtail Brows

The slightly queer and pointy looking brows started trending right after beauty mogul Huda Kattan posted an Instagram edit.

Current Instagram trend

But the majority of the fishtail brows you will notice on Instagram are the work of @skyzeditz who has used Photoshop to achieve the look. But fellow beauty bloggers are emulating the look using makeup.

Current Instagram trends

For achieving the current Instagram trend, you need not use a razor to get the gap-effect. You can pencil in the upper half of the fishtail and conceal a section of the real brows to create a gap.

17. Heart Blush

A new trend on Instagram that can leave you inspired is the heart blush. This can be achieved by applying blush in the shape of a heart on the apples of the cheeks. And this has to be one of the adored Instagram trends of 2018. Makeup artists on Instagram have been translating the cutesy heart shaped on their cheeks.

Heart Blush

You too can achieve the look by trying out a negative space look or solid hearts. It first went viral through an Ohio based teen named Saebom. Turns out, she did not create the heart blush intentionally. At first, she was trying out the Japanese blush trend known as igari or hangover blush look which involves applying blush under your eyes and at the apple of your cheeks.

And drawing shapes with makeup has remained a growing trend since then. Thereon, she decided on trying out heart shapes.

To create her heart-shaped blush, Saebom broke out few concealers and an eye shadow brush. She made use of the concealer to paint the shapes by hand. Saebom suggests using stencils to achieve accurate heart shapes or to draw out a heart on a piece of paper and to cut it out. Using the papers made her work easier by filling the heart with concealer.

Heart Blush Makeup

You can also make use of the same stencil to create the inverse heart blush look. Instead of using concealer to fill in the cutout, dab out blush of choice instead. Make use of a blending sponge with little foundation if you are left with extra color on your cheeks. For creating a heart blush, you don’t need to make the lines to be precise and harsh. Instead, you can soften the edges by buffing them out, using a fluffy brush.

18. Inner Eyelid Highlight

The new makeup trend has a series of highlighting almost every part of the face (pun intended). Think: cheekbones, brow bones, tip of the nose (really), ears, and so on. The latest is the inner eye highlighting. Lately, makeup artists and celebs in Instagram have been tasking themselves trying out the classic technique. It does allow making the eyes look more awake and brighter. Talk about glow-up eyes, right? The technique involves highlighting inner corners of the eye using bright, shimmery colors. In the image above, model Duckie Thod is seen with inner-corner highlighting trend using bronze shadow.

Inner Eyelid Highlight

19. Bubble Eyeliner

Just when we thought we have explored everything on eye makeup or tricks- bubble eyeliner shows up to disprove this consideration. This trend is believed to have originated from makeup artist and beauty blogger, Jenny Gonzalez.

Bubble Eyeliner

In her video debut shown above, Gonzalez is shown dipping the cap of her liquid liner pen into a black pigment. She then presses half of the cup directly onto her eyelid to create a tiny bubble above her lash line. The bubble is then filled to complete the look.

These are few of our favorite Instagram beauty trends of 2018. Are you game to try out any of these cool makeup innovations? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comments box below.

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