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Is Frozen food good or bad?

by Fashionlady
Is Frozen food good or bad?

Is Frozen food good or bad?
Frozen food is often the Holy Grail for hundreds of working professionals. With these people juggling their work-life balance, cooking fresh food is not always possible. Frozen fruits, vegetables and cold cuts often come to their rescue. But the million dollar question is, are frozen food materials as good as the fresh deals? Read on to know more.

There have been many discrepancies and studies which try to find out which one is a better bet, but most studies have ultimately found that there is actually very little difference between the two! Specifically, fresh vegetables had a little more vitamins and minerals content. Frozen fruits and vegetables in fact, if bought from a good place are hardly harmful for you! They are just like the real deal! Except the fact that you have to thaw them before you eat!

How to make Frozen Food Healthy:

There are some pointers that you should keep in mind while buying frozen food. While stocking up on the healthiest frozen food, make sure you do not pile on extra calories by buying stuff which is packed in cheese sauce or with syrup. These are the ones which have a lot of calories and saturated fat. The rule of the thumb is to stick to frozen food which is as simple as possible.

The only ingredients in what you are buying should be that particular ingredient itself. Added condiments are unhealthy and on the long run may be harmful for your body.

How to make Frozen Food Healthy


Benefits of Frozen Food:

Besides being extremely convenient, frozen food items including frozen meat has a lot of other perks. Though there is a lot to be said about fresh fruits and veggies, having frozen food is not deleterious as previously thought.

1.Preservatives? What preservatives?

There are huge numbers of frozen foods available in the market and the good thing is, none of them are injected with preservatives. When you are buying from good stores, you will see that the packets come with disclosures that it is free from preservatives of any kind.



2.Nutrition With A Date:


You may root for fresh veggies and fruits, but can you tell the date when they were picked up from the fields? With frozen food, you can actually put a finger on the date they were picked, packed and dispatched. This gives you a good idea about the freshness of each item.

Nutrition With A Date


3.Always in Season:

There are so many types of foods in the world. Our palates are never satisfied and if someday you have a craving for a seasonal fruit don’t worry because your nearest supermarket will have a frozen variant! For affordable and always available food, don’t forget to check your frozen food aisle!

4.Banishing Bacteria:

Those lettuces in your farmer’s market look enticing, but if you don’t wash them well, you may end up enticing some really fatal bacteria. With frozen food, you can keep your bacteria worries at bay. Frozen food can reduce the potency of bacteria because most bacteria are not that hardy to survive in freezing temperatures. Nevertheless, it is advisable to thoroughly wash your lettuces before you pop them.

Banishing Bacteria

source: marvistamom.com

5.Freeze them, save them:

Unlike their fresher counterparts, frozen food has a longer shelf life and it is much more durable. Some of these packets come with an expiration dates and you can very well use them till that long. Fresh veggies and fruits on the other hand tend to spoil much faster.

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